World news – US – Kelly Stafford, wife of Matthew Stafford, ranting about COVID-19 restrictions: ‘I’ve finished living in a dictatorship’


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Kelly Stafford has had enough of Michigan when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. On Thursday, the wife of Detroit Lions midfielder Matthew Stafford took to her Instagram stories to express her frustration with the COVID-19 restrictions in Michigan.. She described the country as a « dictatorship » because everything was closed.

« So I’ll be very honest: I got over it too much. Stafford said, as reported by Click on Detroit, I’ve ended up living in a dictatorship we call Michigan.. “I understand there is a pandemic, and I know it is very frightening. I’m afraid of him, too. If you are at risk, do not leave your home until a vaccine is available. «  But closing all these small businesses – the things people have made their lives for – and shutting them down again is not the answer because they won’t.. So once we can leave our home, once this dictatorship decides to allow us some freedom, there will be nothing left.

She went on to say that the closing of the business made her « cry. ». “She also realized that people would disagree with her, but she made it clear that this was only her opinion and that she was upset that the small companies were not able to continue.. Stafford added: « It does not mean that I do not feel for people with Coronavirus or hospitals. ». « I am doing. But this is my opinion. I don’t feel – I don’t like living in a place where they tell me what I can and cannot do. I live once. Again, this is my opinion. You have yours, everyone has theirs, and we keep it in mind.

Shortly after ranting about her Instagram story, Stafford shared a post on her Instagram account and said that « the word » dictatorship should never have been used. « . I got stuck in the heat of the moment, and it’s my fault. I don’t know the answer and I won’t pretend. I care about people who either lose their lives or fight this. « She goes on to apologize and says, » My feelings are overpowering me.

The Stafford family personally faced the pandemic as Matthew Stafford was placed on the Reserve / COVID-19 list twice in the past three months. However, he and his family tested positive for coronavirus.

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World News – US – Kelly Stafford Matthew Stafford’s wife quarrels over COVID-19 restrictions: ‘I’ve finished living in dictatorship’


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