World News – US – LeBron James and Michael Jordan help wipe out $ 27 million in court costs, allowing criminals in Florida to vote


For convicted felons in Florida, one of the biggest obstacles to exercising their right to vote is the exorbitant court fees and fines that prevent them from being eligible to do so. Thanks to LeBron James, Michael Jordan and other celebrities who have partnered with the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, nearly 13,000 criminals will be able to make their voices heard on election day

The multi-million dollar effort of Michael Bloomberg, LeBron James and other celebrities to pay the persistent fines and legal costs for Florida criminals could make nearly 13,000 of them eligible to vote in the election from Tuesday, according to a Tampa Bay Times / Miami Herald and ProPublica analysis found

While the modest increase in the number of eligible criminals falls short of expectations, it could be big enough to make a difference in a key state where polls indicate the presidential race is once again a draw

Among four of the state’s largest counties – Hillsborough, Pinellas, Palm Beach and Polk – about 32%, or 1,518, of the 4,700 felons who had their fines and fees paid by the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition to nonprofits are registered to vote in the next election, according to Times / Herald / ProPublica

If you’re wondering what the price of such a noble business is, it ain’t cheap Eliminating fines and fees from around 40,000 criminals statewide – which, in turn, translates to nearly 13,000 eligible voters if they have no other unpaid court debts – cost $ 27 million It’s a big change, sure, but a small price to pay for critical votes in a swing state with 29 constituency votes at stake

It’s also safe to assume that the newly eligible voters will likely favor the vote for Kamala Harris – I mean, Joe Biden Because according to The Times, at least 80% of criminals whose fines and fees have been cleared are not not white (74% of them are black) and 68% of them are registered Democrats

In addition to helping pay off debts so criminals can vote, LeBron has been active in protecting black voting rights in America with his Voting Rights initiative, More Than a Vote According to LeBron, it was created to thwart voter suppression, educate black people about their voting rights and fight a system that is « structurally racist »

Having no desire to shut up and dribble, one of the most outspoken athletes in our…

« There are a lot of people who want change in the black community, » he said in June while explaining the strategy behind More Than a Vote « If you don’t do the job or if you don’t don’t have the mentality, there will never be a change « 

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World News – US – LeBron James and Michael Jordan Help Clear 27 Million dollars in court costs, allowing Felons in Florida to vote


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