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Lee Price and Carly Pierce won’t be rocking together at the CMA Awards 2020, but they’re still celebrating. It was announced on Wednesday morning that the two have won the award for Best Music Event of the Year for their single,’ I hope you’re happy now

This news comes after Price tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Country singers were scheduled to perform duet with Pierce at the CMA Awards. However, Lady A’s Charles Kelly will now intervene and sing « I hope you are happy now » with Singer

“I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for this moment.” After his victory and Pierce’s victory, Bryce said in a statement “God is so good!” “Isolated, isolated from the world, my family and my children, and yet I was feeling more contemplation and gratitude in silence more” Than I’ve been feeling really long ago only when I truly believe I can’t ask for one more thing, you hit me with this! Thank you all! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Carly – Thank you for your belief in me! Thank you, CMA! Thanks to my fans for being the best and I look forward to this coming year with all of you!

“Lee does a good job, he doesn’t have any symptoms so that’s cool.” Before the awards ceremony, “he’s doing well and isolates,” Pierce said. “I found out [Monday] and it was obvious that it was just disappointing because we had so much to celebrate this song we finally felt We’ll be able to do it [Wednesday] but it’s okay because things are happening and I’m glad it’s okay ”

“I’m so grateful to the CMAs for realizing this song was supposed to be a duet and it wouldn’t sound good if I sang it myself,” she said, adding, “Lady A’s Charles Kelly for the win!”

When it came to replacing Brice, Pearce shared that CMA had proposed him to replace Brice

“The CMA had an idea for Charles and the funny thing is that when we were thinking of people for the song, Charles was one of the voices I knew she could do,” she explained, “So it’s kind of like this moment that feels like a really full circle,” okay I’ll sing it with him too and try it

Regarding how the change and diagnosis of the COVID-19 virus affected Prause’s feelings about the show, Pearce admitted, « It’s definitely different » but feels « very safe »

And she continued:

“I feel very fortunate that we’re going to make a show.” We have to all come together in a safe fashion and style, and somehow the CMAs are able to do that and make sure we’re all safe and do it right and through the protocol and we get an offer I think, you know. , That the silver that we live in this year is that « 

I mean, I’m already tearing this video up !!! Hey jah after just a few weeks until #cmaawards &, excitement is already blowing out of my heart! ♥ ️🥳 #Backwords

A post shared by c a r l y p e a r c e (@carlypearce) on Oct 26, 2020 5:36 pm PDT

In a statement released to ET, the Country Music Association confirmed that Price would not attend Wednesday’s concert and also confirmed that Tyler Hubbard of the Florida Georgia Line would also be absent due to a coronavirus test result

« Although this is incredibly disappointing, not only for the show but also for the CMA personally because we care so much about these artists and want only the best for them and their families, it assures us that our protocols are working well » read the statement

The CMA also provided an assurance that none of the performers was in the award ceremony group or endangering anyone else involved.

The statement noted that “our process enabled us to manage every situation immediately and before any artist entered our group” “and most importantly, it prevented anyone else from being exposed. We have been very diligent in our testing process before anyone entered your fingerprint. Each person will be tested, and many will be tested repeatedly throughout the week, in addition to wearing personal protective equipment and of course practicing social and physical distancing. ”

Additionally, in a statement to ET, the representative for Brice confirmed that he will not perform at the CMA Awards ceremony and the statement reads that “while he is in good spirits and not experiencing any symptoms, he will not perform as scheduled in this show. He will be isolated at home until authorized by doctors. “Lee would like to thank the CMAs and all his amazing fans for his nominations and wish his fellow nominees an incredible evening celebrating the best of country music”

The 54th Annual CMA Awards will be broadcast live on Wednesday at 8 pm ET / 7 AM CT on ABC

Chris Stapleton is among the country music stars at the CMA Awards

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World News – US – Lee Price Celebrates Early CMA Awards And Wins During Quarantine


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