World news – US – Leonard Williams thinks Giants’ culture is different and stronger than other struggling teams.


Leonard Williams has had a lot of experience with teams that seem to be throwing out their seasons before they really start.It has happened to him quite often in his six-year career in the NFL

But there’s something different he feels about this season, about this franchise, and about the show Joe Judge is building a lot of times but he just doesn’t feel that way about him

“Our record doesn’t show what kind of talent and team we have,” said Williams. “I think the judge coach has turned this around. I’ve also participated in teams where we’ve achieved a record in one win so far and you can feel the team energy is starting to decline


This was evident on Sunday when the Giants barely held on to their second win of the season by beating Washington Soccer 23-20. It was ugly and perhaps unsettling that they nearly exploded a 13-point lead in the fourth quarter that was actually 17 points in the first half but The point is, the Giants were 1 to 7 and could easily have the « Here we go again » mentality when they started to fall apart

But the judge made sure there was no pullback in the confused Giants, and that no one pinned their heads on the sidelines at all.That’s nothing for a young team that’s still learning how to win, especially in what is still wide open, terrifying, and yeah, Can be won via NFC East

Now, not everyone will be satisfied with moral victories like heavy losses or serious fighting, or even actual victories given that the victories of the Giants have come against the bad team of Washington. It is not enough that they have almost defeated the cowboys, eagles and pirates over the past month at some point on them. Win some of these close matches

But until that happens, attitude matters. Morale matters that’s why Judge has talked so much about building a winning culture first and if you don’t think that’s important then take it from Williams who was part of the 2016 Jets that went 1-5 their way to 5 -11, which was 1-3, on its way to 4-12 in 2018, started 1-7 last year only

These giants don’t feel sad, miserable and hopeless for him. He really thinks they are close to good things

“That’s because we’re in these really tough games with the Playoffs,” Williams said. “Steelers, the Pirates are not defeated.” I think that’s the reason why one of their heads never hangs down and surrenders because we’re there and I feel that if we keep working hard we will cross the hunches.  »

This is the position taken by the Giants’ defense on Sunday when it was starting to collapse. The judge brought them together on the sidelines to plead for them to « finish », to play aggressively the way they did in the first half. Given the number of matches lost by the Giants late in the season, it was It would be understandable if that moment of gathering forces had no effect

“I think we will win every match, regardless of the outcome until the final whistle,” Gabriel Peppers said, Safety. “It challenged us to come back to play like giants defense, and I think we did a good job answering the bell”

Yes they did, with Peppers objections and safety Logan Ryan in Final 2:18, stopping the bleeding and taking a match that must be won little by little, the Giants continue to gradually draw closer, respect, to the end, to the actual victory and as they struggle to put things together, It is their behavior and will that lead the way.

“We just got tired,” Ryan said, “We just finished with a short score.” We had eight games to learn how to win. We played eight games to get to know each other. We played eight games with a coach for the first time. It’s time I said winning is a mentality and it starts in Your mind « 

He’s right – especially for teams that aren’t overflowing with professional talent they have to think they can win – they really believed it and that’s tough after winning only one in eight games, especially in a lot of games where they have fought hard and are still losing. Williams knows He saw it with way too many Jets who didn’t have the mental strength to heart a fickle season or franchise

And now look: Here they are, within walking distance of the first-placed Eagles (3-4-1) with seven matches left, heading to a match against Philly on Sunday afternoon Yes, the entire division race is ridiculous, but Team Giants think That he could still be in him a lot of times playing like a winning soccer team, even when they didn’t actually win.

« We still have everything ahead of us, » said Williams. « Men don’t put their heads down. You can really feel the energy. Everyone seems to be on top level right now and that’s what I’d love to see »

Irene is a sports fanatic and loves to indulge in football matches every now and then. She is a passionate journalist and is fully English speaking and is currently working to introduce her skills to the Sports and Health section of Report Door

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World News – United States – Leonard Williams believes the culture of giants They are different, stronger than other struggling teams


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