World news – US – Life Time encourages members to pressure Walz over COVID-19 measures


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Life Time Fitness CEO Bahram Akradi stood outside a health club on Wednesday to plead with the government. Team Falls is reviewing the closure of gyms and fitness centers as part of his latest executive order, which was detailed here and will go into effect Friday at 11:59 pm.. M.

Akradi argued with the state’s justification for closing gyms and fitness centers, saying the data the state cites does not paint the picture that it is a problem..

According to the data, 48 Minnesota club outbreaks have been tracked for a total of 747 out of a total of 242,043 cases, although health officials note that the point of transmission in the community in an increasing number of cases is unknown..

There were 24 outbreaks associated with gyms and fitness centers in August, 20 in September and four in October. So far, the data does not show any new outbreaks in November. From an outbreak perspective, gyms account for just over 10% of 400 outbreaks that have been linked to all types of social gatherings, including bars, restaurants, weddings, sports, social gatherings, salons, church and funerals..

“This fact actually indicates that clubs are among the least prevalent places for this virus to be of any type of retail store open with virtually no protocols,” Akradi said..

“If facts support that closing down healthy living spaces would be beneficial to the public, we would voluntarily do so immediately,” he added.. .

Akradi described Life Time Fitness as a « completely safe haven » that uses « extreme protocols » not implemented by other companies that are allowed to remain open.

Akradi fears a complete closure of gyms will force him to lay off nearly 4,000 workers, just as he was forced to do so while the state was ordered to stay home in the spring.

“We have brought back 4,000 members of our squad since we reopened clubs in Minnesota. With a complete shutdown, which I won’t accept, I’ll have to send 4,000 employees home at a time when there’s no incentive money for them, right before the holiday.. How can we do this? « .

« We’re here to help. This virus is dangerous and everyone should participate in it. It’s completely unfair to randomly select 2, 3, or 4 industries with the belief that the audience is satisfied. This is unfair.

Akradi said he suggested to Walz management that Life Time capacity decrease by a maximum of 10% and ensure that members wear masks throughout the rehearsal period if that means they can stay open.

In an email, Akradi urged members to « send a highly respectful and apolitical message to Minnesota officials expressing your desire to keep your clubs open. ».

The government. Tim Walz on Wednesday announced a ban on social gatherings of all kinds with people outside of your family for the next four weeks.

Country leaders do not expect to see results of the orders until the third or final week of lockdown.

Prosecutors are seeking to include body camera footage from the arrest, which they say shows the pattern of excessive force by Chauvin.

It is the only major U unit. s. The airline still not selling middle seats to provide social distancing between travelers.

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World News – US – Life Time encourages members to lobby Walz over COVID-19 measures
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