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World News – US – Live updates on the 4th Masters Tour: Dustin Johnson’s Cameron Smith Chase

. . Dustin Johnson leads the Masters at the age of 17 while Australian Cameron Smith tries to make up for the deficit with three hits.

. .

Dustin Johnson leads the Masters at 17 below Australian Cameron Smith trying to make up for a three-stroke deficit.

Tiger Woods strikes four out of five after combing 10 into a number. 12 to move to a championship tie.

Augusta, Ja. – Someone will wear green jackets for the Augusta National Golf Club on Sunday as the champion of the Masters tournament delayed by the coronavirus pandemic for seven months.

Dustin Johnson will enter the final round at 16 below level, giving him a powerful four-shot lead. But there’s a tougher competition right below him on the leaderboard. Sungjae Im and Cameron Smith both stalk, with Rory McIlroy rounding out the figure.

Augusta national officials expect the tournament to be decided by mid-afternoon, much earlier than usual due to N. F. The. Matches scheduled for 4:00 AM. M. Al Sharqiya that follows the television broadcast on CBS.

Austin, Dustin Johnson’s brother, has been in his bag since 2013. Their collaboration began as a lark, as Dustin recruited his brother for tournaments in Australia and China in the fall, so his regular chest, Bobby Brown, could be at home for the birth of his child.

Austin was considering getting a job in drug sales at the time, but these plans went sideways after Dustin won the World Golf Championship in Shanghai, his second championship with Austin on the bag.

“I thought he could carry the bag and let go of numbers and things,” Dustin told the New York Times in 2017. « It’s not rocket science. You know, it’s just golf, at the end of the day.

Dustin Johnson said: « The most important thing about being a pram is knowing your player, knowing what to say to him, what not to say, and when to leave him alone and say nothing. ». “Nobody knows me better than my brother.

Twice Masters champion Bernard Langer may have played the best golf during the Reagan administration, but at 63, the older man who cut into the Masters had healed himself well on his last tour.

Langer averaged 250 yards from the tee as he plays alongside aggressive driver Bresson Deschamps on Sunday. He finished under 3 place, tied at 31.

Langer is one of the benchmarks for young golfers who wonder what their careers will look like in a decade, two, or three.. On Thursday, Tiger Woods mentioned that Langer is one of the seniors in the game who can still find ways to stay in the mix at Augusta National..

“So understanding how to play is a big factor, which is one of the reasons I saw Jack compete so much early in my career, I saw Raymond competing late in his career, and now Bernard and Freddie are always competing here late in their careers, Woods said. “Just understanding how to play the golf course was a big part of it.

Tiger Woods is fond of saying you should have a little bit of good fortune to win a major tournament, and Cameron Smith got a kick of luck at number four.. Smith hit his second shot of pine straw, and watched his ball land on a pile in front of a bunker from the green side, bounce onto the green and rolled into five feet of the hole.. Smith made the hummingbird up to 15 under and stay within Johnson’s hitting range, after two backstrokes.

When people say the master’s program begins at noon on the ninth Sunday, what they mean is an extension of the holes from no. 12 to no. 16, which includes two par-5s in the second nine (no. 13 and no. 15) Protected evil waters par-3 12th. Leader, Dustin Johnson, played those 5-under holes during the first three rounds. His closest competitor, Cameron Smith, who withdrew to the distance of two Johnson by nine holes, played them at 7-under..

“The nine defenders have been nice to me all week,” Smith said Saturday night, “so I hope he’ll be nice to me another day..

Tiger Woods, who had already scored 12 hits from the lead, scored a score of 10 in a Grade 3 Devil Pit in 12th. In the same hole, Woods achieved a pivotal level that kicked off his 2019 Masters career.

But on Sunday, Woods’ tee landed on the bank in front of the Green Zone and returned to Ray Creek. After a drop, the third shot found water too. His fifth shot sailed over the green zone in bunker and slammed his wedge of sand over the green and went back into the water again.. Another chip fell on the green and then took two hits to exit. In the previous 89 times he played the pit in the Masters, he made him worse than Ghost three times.

It was the highest score in Woods’ hole in his PGA Tour career and took him from 3-under to 4-more in the tournament. He stained par-5 the 13th.

Before it exploded in the 12th hole, after 11 am. M. Tiger Woods walked alone over the eighth lane, dragging his right-hand driver behind him. The group headed by tournament leader Dustin Johnson had just overtaken Woods in the adjacent second hole with an accompanying exhibit of at least 150 people.. Nineteen months ago, thousands of Woods cheered at every step on their way to a seismic victory for the Masters. The number of his followers on Sunday is exactly 12.

After finding his ball in a fortified water bunker, he expertly pushed it forward with an iron but was stunned as he struggled to climb to the steep vault face, further evidence of the difficulty Woods faced surgically repairing him the fourth day in a row from above Golf competition levels.

Woods, who had been 12 hits from the lead at the time, turned with one look at Johnson’s group, which moved into the third set with dozens of spectators rushing to keep up.. Unaccompanied in Eighth Corridor, Woods walked, and his term as Defender of the Masters title expires in a few hours..

Watch out for Rory McIlroy, who was out of the lead by 10 times after the first round of Five Ghosts. McIlroy has only had one ghost since then, in the thirteenth hole in his third run, six off the lead.. He is trying to match Craig Stadler, who won the 1983 Masters Championship after opening with a score of 75.

McIlroy broke the eighth hole for the fourth straight round to put him in 11th place below a tie and tied for fourth place behind leaders Dustin Johnson, who sits at 16 below at no cost.. . 7.

His resilience in Augusta National may stem from his close circle, with whom he has spent most of the last year cementing his relationship with them.. He and his wife, Erica Stolle, welcomed their first child in August, an event that McIlroy said changed his perspective..

“I grew up as a lonely child and a lonely kid playing golf,” McIlroy said, “So I feel like the whole world has been spinning around me for so long. And now that didn’t happen. It is about this little person.

McIlroy, 31, long seen as the heir apparent to Tiger Woods, had four major titles before his 26th birthday. Winning the Masters, the only major tournament that eluded him, would give him a career in the Grand Slam. Anything short of that would extend his corporate zero-win streak to six years.

One of the more interesting groups on Sunday has nothing to do with whoever wins or loses the Masters title. But Group D includes Bryson Deschamps, longtime US Open champion, and Bernhard Langer, two-time Masters winner, who this year became the oldest man to win at Augusta National.. . So watching a gap or two with them is to see how the game changes, often because DeChambeau leads the field at average driving distance while Langer eventually dies..

At about 262 yards, Langer is one of only two players on the 60-man pitch, with his average drives down to just under 271. But 11 players have an average drive of over 300 yards, with DeChambeau typically scoring around 326. His closest competitor on this streak is Dylan Fratelli, who averages around 319 yards.

Some of the gap between Langer, 63, and Deschamps, 27, is an age-related math issue. But it’s just a matter of style.

Langer said last week: « I actually feel a lot older when I play with these guys and I see how successful they are and how short it is. ». “It makes me feel bigger, not younger. I love this golf course. I guess I know how to get over it, even though I’ve been hitting clubs very long. But it certainly isn’t easy.

Langer noted that Augusta National has always welcomed longtime hitters like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. (So ​​far this tournament, Woods trips come at around 284 yards. )

DeChambeau, of course, began to beat Augusta National and came in favorite place ahead of the opening tour on Thursday. It didn’t quite work out for him – he was off the lead by 12 shots late Sunday morning – and he was probably partly frustrated by the wet track..

“Wet land and water have always been my enemy for a reason, just I can’t figure it out, while some people have no problem with that,” he said on Saturday. “They are able to hit it and have no problems.

After Dustin Johnson missed a 10-foot penalty kick in fourth place, he showed as much emotion as he did all week. He knew how important that par was in maintaining its momentum; It was hard for Johnson to avoid seeing the close-up scoreboard showing that two players in his predecessor group, Sungjae Im, Junior Masters, and Cameron Smith, are under 2 in their rounds, tied within two leads..

Augusta National will distribute $ 11. 5 million prize money for professionals who participated in the tournament, the same amount as last year. The winner will earn approximately $ 2. 1 Million (with green jacket, lifetime entry into the tournament and an annual dinner invitation), while the runner-up winners will receive more than $ 1. 2 million. Even the player who is ranked 50th in the tournament will receive a good compensation of $ 28,980.

The Masters wallet is among the biggest golf bags, although the US Open awarded $ 12. 5 million prize money, including $ 2. 25 million for the winner after the tournament in September.

Junior Masters Cameron Champ broke his first three holes to jump onto the front page of the leaderboard, but returned those shots three times back in the fourth. At the BMW Championships in August, the bi-race Champ wore black and white golf shoes to protest against police brutality against blacks after police shot Jacob Blake.. . The New York Times spoke to him last month about racial injustice and how Masters view their ancient Southern roots.

As he prepared last month for his debut at Masters, Champagne saw no reason to hold Augusta National accountable for a discriminatory history similar to that suffered by his paternal grandfather, who was carrying a briefcase in courses around Houston that would not allow him to play.

« When you get older, you don’t really learn these things until you get older, » Champ said in an interview last month..

« It’s clearly a great historical tournament and something that clearly still means a lot to me, » he added. “I don’t think it should be avoided. I think it’s just about the age. We are at different times now, things have changed.

As a boy in South Korea, Sungjae Im would stay up all night in early April. This was the only way he could watch the Masters unfold.

Now South Korea will remain alert for Im, who started Sunday with four strikes behind Dustin Johnson in this year’s Masters and in a three-way match for second place..

“I know that a lot of people in the house stay up late and don’t sleep while they watch the Masters and watch me while I’m performing,” Im said through an interpreter on Saturday.. “I want to stay put again and make sure to finish hard so that I can make them happy.

The date indicates that it won’t be easy. No player has won their first Masters tournament since 1979, when Faouzi Zoiler got his green jacket.. But Im, who made his Augusta National debut on Monday, said he was comfortable with the tournament. Staring down the aisle from each tee box, he said, he was able to easily visualize his strategy.

« I can see where I hit her and where not to hit her, » he said. « I think that’s why I feel so comfortable playing here.

His Sunday collection includes Johnson and Abraham Anser, who will also be making his MA debut.

The disastrous second round left Deschambo, the pre-tournament favorite, exactly at the start of the tour on Saturday morning. Not wilted: He scored 69 on Saturday, his best round in the tournament, knocking out a draw for 29 at three below a tie. .

Back to winning the green this year is highly unlikely – the championship record after 54 holes, said by Jack Burke Jr.. Set in 1956, it’s eight hits – but DeChambeau could still finish a show that’s far more credible than it recently looked like.

DeChambeau on the 10th hole Sunday started off with a ghost, but fired the No.5 Par-5. 13, as he had deployed a double ghost in the second round.

The 14th hole is another one in which DeChambeau switched results this week: Birdie, par, and bogey. Once he reaches the third hole, watch him to see if he got rid of the golf devils that left him with a Triple Ghost on Friday and nearly derailed his tournament entirely..

A critical factor in any success for DeChampo might be whether his dizziness, which he said started Thursday night, has been resolved.. He said that he had tested negative for the Corona virus.

« Every time I bow and come back, I want to lose my position a little, » Deschambeau said on Saturday.. « So I don’t know what’s going on. I have to go and do some blood tests and run a check-up and find out what’s going on this off season.

Dense fog blanketed the Augusta area on Sunday morning, causing a 10-minute delay for all launch times.. By the time Rory McClelli, Brooks Quebecca and Tommy Fleetwood hit their shots on No.. 1 only after 9 a. M. Circumstances began to clear, although the government’s thick fog warning was not supposed to end until 11 a.m.. M.

Ultimately, meteorologists said, Augusta will experience a partly sunny day as high as 80 degrees.

The final tour will be broadcast on CBS starting at 10 a.m.. M. Eastern, Sunday early than usual begins to accommodate 3 am. M. The finish and the show of the green jacket before TV broadcasts gave way to Afternoon N. F. The. Cover at 4 p. M.

To get to the Augusta National Golf Club from the city center on a Sunday morning, I pass restaurants and retailers in the past and even a church with a sign that says « This is the home of the Masters. ».

Absent: Realtors tickets. Usually an Augusta staple during Masters week, especially near Highway 20, the vendors don’t have tickets to sell because the club has banned sponsors, as fans are known in the language of the tournament, this year.

James Dizoglio, a ticket broker who estimates that about 40 percent of his business originates from this tournament, the only major golf tournament held at the same club every year.. “It’s a once in a lifetime event for many people.

Club officials hope the fans will be able to return next year, but they have not made any guarantees. And the collapse of the resale market around the Masters is a symptom of the bigger problems in the ticket industry at a time when there are very few live events.

Tiger Woods, the reigning Masters champions, stunned a dinner for the former winners on Tuesday night when he blew with emotion.

“He said he was on his way to the golf course and had to stop because the tears in his eyes stopped a little on the road because so many memories were spinning in his mind very quickly, he summoned Gary Player, three-time Augusta National winner, on Thursday.

Jack Nicklaus, who won the Masters six times, shared the player’s rating: “I’ve never seen a tiger that way before.. But it was good.

Woods, who tied at 20 and entered the final at five below par, will definitely need to strengthen his temper on Sunday when Nicklaus’s Masters record ties up or offers one of Augusta National’s green jackets to someone else.. He posted 72 equal points on Saturday, his highest round of this year’s tournament, and said he wasn’t even thinking about the potential sentiments on Sunday..

« I was focused on trying to get in the competition tomorrow, » said Woods, who was assigned to play Shane Lowry, who won the last British Open, and Scottie Sheffler, who will be competing for the first time in

.. .

Augusta National flooded last week, saturating and slowing down the green, which is usually lightning fast.. As a result, players were able to shoot at the pins in Bar 3. In the first three rounds, Dustin Johnson played the four shortest holes in the 4-under. His closest competitor also performed well: Sungjae Im (2-under); Abraham Anser, (4-under); Cameron Smith (3 under); Dylan Fretelli (equal) and Justin Thomas (2-under).

Johnson said, « With the conditions quiet, you can be really aggressive no matter which club you’re in. ».

Not long from now, someone would have gotten one of the green jackets that Augusta National has offered to members since 1937 and master’s winners every year since 1949 (and as we wrote this week, anyone – including you! – can buy Sometimes from auction).

The green jacket ceremony will take place as usual at Butler Cabin. But Fred S.. Augusta National Chairman Ridley said people watching from home will see more space than usual because participants, including Tiger Woods, the reigning hero, will be spaced out from one another according to social distancing guidelines..

« We’re going to have the same people in the booth with the same main party, but I think we can do it appropriately, » said Ridley


However, a typical part of Sunday’s celebrations won’t happen: There won’t be a party at the 18th Green, mostly, Ridley said, because the event is primarily designed for spectators attending the tournament..

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