World News – US – Madame Tussauds throws wax figure of Trump in trash ahead of election day


* Madame Tussauds in Berlin, Germany literally threw Donald Trump’s statue in the trash ahead of Tuesday’s presidential election

The move was taken as a « preparatory step » in case the former reality TV star does not win a second term

« Today’s activity is more of a symbolic nature ahead of the elections in the United States, » Orkide Yalcindag, the museum’s marketing manager, said in a statement to Reuters

Yalcindag added: « Here at Madame Tussauds Berlin, we have removed Donald Trump’s wax as a preparatory measure »

The wax figure of Trump was transported from the showroom floor to a trash can and was surrounded by signs that read « Fake News! » “I love Berlin” and “You’re fired!”

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The wax figure also features a large sign that says « Dump Trump Make America Great Again »

Meanwhile, the RealClearPolitics tracker shows the national average has Biden topped by around 78 points

In the 12 most competitive battlefields – Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – Biden leads Trump by 5 points, 51% at 46%, according to a survey of 800 additional registered voters in states polled by NBC / WSJ pollsters on Sunday

Biden’s lead in those states was 6 points in our 29-31 NBC News / WSJ poll, 51% to 45%, although that move is within the margin of error

Important background, however: Trump won those same states by 2 points combined in 2016, from 49% to 47%

Meanwhile, Trump slammed the FBI after the agency said it would investigate reports of a trailer of Trump supporters harassing a campaign bus from Biden in Texas, prompting the cancellation events in the state According to the president, the group « did nothing wrong »

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* Whoa! What was that? If you missed it, Chicago Bears wide receiver Javon Wims must have wanted to be sent off from the team’s game against the New Orleans Saints

And getting kicked out is exactly what happened in the third quarter of Sunday’s game after the Wims sucker hit defensive back Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, for whatever reason… twice!

Watch the video It looks like Wims tried to tear off Gardner-Johnson’s chain before he dealt a beating Before the fight, Gardner-Johnson stuck his finger to Anthony Miller’s face, and we suspect that is what prompted Wims to reply

This isn’t the first time Gardner-Johnson has found himself under the skin of a Bears wide receiver.Last season Allen Robinson III launched with him after the two jawed each other out What was exactly said is unknown, but that may have caused Sunday’s altercation

Gardner-Johnson also mocked Bears running back Tarik Cohen’s 5-foot-6 frame in a game last season

OK, so it boils down to that, we think Obviously Gardner-Johnson clearly knows how to piss off people, and sometimes it can be his own teammates Remember, the fight during training that has resulted in suspension of Saints star Michael Thomas involved Garder-Johnson

Shit deeper than soccer lol this shit looks personal it doesn’t give a penalty 😂 https: // tco / LEgLrUWRQl

* After four years of co-hosting « The Talk, » Eve quits CBS daytime talk show at the end of December

The rapper / actress noted from her home in London that she could not travel due to the latest COVID-19 related lockdown in the UK Eve is now focused on ‘expanding her family’, reports Deadline

« It’s been a crazy year, obviously for all of us, » she said « And I’m so grateful that I can stay here in London and do the show, but I can’t see for myself the foreseeable future return trip for now, and I’ve decided that at the end of December, this will probably be my last time on the show, as a host « 

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« We’re on another lockdown starting Thursday, and that’s another reason, obviously staying home has been such a blessing because my husband and I got to know each other in a way different, in a beautiful way « , she added » So I want to be closer to him I want to focus on expanding our family, being with my family « 

« I had the best experience I grew up as a woman, as a person I said it once, I say it again, I never thought of being in a talk- show would be such an opening of my mind, of my soul, of my personality, of everything Being on stage with you all the women was the best thing I really love you ”, she continued

Eve’s announcement was greeted with love and support by her co-hosts Sharon Osbournce, Sheryl Underwood and Carrie Ann Inaba

« Eve, I love you and I respect you, always, always And there’s a big place here for you always in my heart I love you… I just want you to be happy, » said Osbourne And Underwood added: « Hurry up so I can be an aunt »

* A small group gathered on Halloween to restore gravestones at the oldest African American cemetery in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Ed Hall, president of Cedar Hill Cemetery, told local ABC7 news agency: “I come here a lot and walk around, talk to different people I’ve known in my life and they’ve done a lot. part of my life I consider Cedar Hill to be my little park « 

Ed Wheeless, president of the Harpers Ferry Bolivar Historical Foundation, was also working at Cedar Hill on Saturday

« Here is the gravestone of … three sisters who lived in Harpers Ferry and Bolivar in the late 19th century, » he said as he kneeled down in front of a modest stone, filling a crack When repaired, he said that it would be cleaned, the whole process of « giving it new life »

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News from the world – United States – Madame Tussauds throws wax figure of Trump in the trash before election day
Associated title :
Madame Tussauds Trump& # 39 dumps; Wax Figurine in Trash Before Election Day
Before the US elections, Berlin& # 39; Madame Tussauds Landfills Donald Trump& # 39; s Wax statue in trash
Madame Tussauds in Berlin throws out Trump before US election
Berlin& # 39; Madame Tussauds throws Trump statue
& # 39; Now Do Mohammed
Ms. Tussaud& # 39; s In Berlin Has Put Their Wax Trump Figure In The Recycle Bin In Case He Doesn& # 39; t Win
Berlin& # 39; Madame Tussauds puts Trump in the trash as " preparatory measure"
Madame Tussauds& # 39; Trump’s wax figure is now a literal trash
Berlin& # 39, Madame Tussauds put her wax statue Trump in a trash can a few days before the US election
Madame Tussauds Jeté Donald Trump& # 39; Wax figurine in the Recycle Bin Like & # 39; preparatory Measure& # 39; In advance on election day


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