World News – US – Mitt Romney denounces US policy: « The world looks on with abject horror »


Senator from Utah criticizes Trump’s attacks on Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Gretchen Whitmer, but also blames Democrats

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Tuesday released an extraordinary statement denouncing a political scene he says has moved away from heated debate to become a vile, vituperative and hateful quagmire, unworthy of nationâ ????

The presidential election takes place on November 3 Donald Trump, the incumbent, follows challenger Joe Biden in double digits in many national polls and with smaller but significant margins in the battlefield states

On Tuesday morning, Trump’s Twitter feed was as usual filled with abuse from Biden and other presidential hate figures Romney, a senator from Utah who was the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, has denounced such attacks on Biden, his running mate Kamala Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, recently the object of an alleged kidnapping plot by national government counterterrorists

But Romney also sought to blame both sides, saying, « Pelosi tears up President’s State of the Union speech on national television Keith Olbermann calls the president a terrorist »

Why Romney found it necessary to distinguish Olbermann, a former MSNBC and ESPN host and GQ columnist who campaigns online to save stray dogs, is not immediately clear

Romney tweeted his statement under the headline « My thoughts on the current state of our politics »

In fact, the senator recently spoke out on a range of issues, including Trump’s hugely controversial attempt to push his Supreme Court candidate Amy Coney Barrett so close to election day, a key cause of a bitter partisan debate

Claiming that the United States was a « center-right » country, a position not supported by polls on key issues in court, including health and abortion rights, Romney said he supported the decision to establish a conservative 6-3 majority

– But I’m troubled by our policy, – the only Republican to vote to impeach Trump added in his statement

– President calls Democratic vice-presidential candidate « a monster » He repeatedly calls Speaker of the House « crazy » He calls on the Department of Justice to put the former president in jail He attacks the governor of Michigan the same day a plot is discovered to kidnap her

– Democrats are launching their own meteoric attacks, although their presidential candidate refuses to stoop as low as the othersâ ????

The « media, » Romney said in a statement he released to the media, « left and right, amplify, all of this

– Enraged attacks stoke conspirators and haters who take the predictable small step from untimely talk to dangerous action The world is watching America with abject horrorâ ????

Romney also said: â € “ More therefore, our children are watching Many Americans fear for our country, so divided, so angry, so mean, so violent It’s time to turn down the heat

– Leaders must soften it, top leaders and leaders from all walks of life Parents, bosses, journalists, columnists, teachers, union leaders, everyone The consequence of the crescendo of anger leads to a very bad place None nobody in their right mind can want that ????

Mitt Romney

News from the world – United States – Mitt Romney denounces American policy: « The world looks on with abject horror »


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