World News – US – Model of Hope gives Thomas an amazing thing as she and Hope face face to face


Monday, November 9, 2020: Today at The Bold and the Beautiful, Liam is stunned by Hope and Steffy’s reaction to his news, and Hope model becomes even more acute in her demands

In his apartment, Thomas grips his fist and stares at the Hope mannequin, which is fading as he tries to clarify his vision. The Doll of Hope tells him, “Save Hope Kill Liam Thomas has protested that a mannequin should come back, but she reminds him that he brought her here and shouted loudly that he should He has to get rid of Liam frowning Thomas and running his hands through his hair before shouting at the doll, “You are not hope for who you are ?!” The Mannequin repeats that he should get rid of Liam; everyone is suffering because of him – Hope has bothered spending time with Stevie asking Thomas how you know That mannequin teaches him that she knows because she is hope Hope now until true hope replaces it

At Forrester Creations, Hope assures Stevie that she’s okay with Liam training so intense with Stevie suddenly, Liam stutters and stutters about Stevie’s crazy brother – he had to get out of there before it got even physical! He has reported that Thomas has a mannequin in his apartment and gives them one guess as to how she looks Liam cannot explain how scary it was when he saw a doll resembling his wife in Thomas’ apartment Hope wonders why he didn’t tell Charlie about it, and agrees that it is strange, but the reasons why it was He goes above and beyond at work and burns midnight oil – he may need a show statue Stevie agrees Liam is amazed at their lack of interest Hope points out Liam does not trust him and complains about confronting him Reminds him of Douglas and Forester’s father They had to live with it and everything was fine She even asked him to be part of hope for the future again Liam shouted Hope screaming that all is well and Liam has to go and bother him! She runs out of her saying that she will meet Thomas after that, Stevie wants Liam to cut her brother some lax, but Liam argues his case and points out that Thomas is also trying to drive a wedge between him and Finn will reassure Stevie Finn and advises Liam to ignore Thomas and has some confidence that he changed and no longer focus Hopefully anymore, Liam confirms that Thomas is adept at manipulating people close to him, ”the man He has something wrong with him, he feels he should seek professional help calling Stevie Liam melodramatic, but he thinks she has a blind spot, like a frustrated Hope, Liam remembers Thomas has a life-like doll like his wife; If this doesn’t scream obsessive what does it do?

At Thomas’ house, the doll interrogates him about his desire to be with Hope, warning him that it will never happen as long as Liam is there Thomas loves her but she does not want him the doll does not agree She knows because she is also Amal all he has to do is get rid of Liam knocks hope and Thomas hides a model He entered hope and he is sorry Liam came upset and Thomas closes his eyes as if he wonders if she is real Hope reveals that Liam thinks Thomas is still obsessed with her and asks to see a model Fashion explains Thomas when Charlie left her, and he saw that she had an impact because he knew she could make him a better artist, which was proven she wants to see her Thomas highlights Hope Too and Hope wanders around in Thomas’s head hears the doll saying, « Take it! Take it now she wants you! »

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World News – USA – Model Hope gives Thomas an amazing thing As she and hope face to face


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