World News – US – Moments from the 60-minute interview with Joe Biden


Interesting moments from the Democratic presidential candidate’s interview with Norah O’Donnell ahead of the 2020 election

This week on 60 Minutes, correspondent Norah O’Donnell interviewed former Vice President Joe Biden, Democratic presidential candidate This was the third time O’Donnell had interviewed him for Elle also spoke with Mr. Biden’s Deputy Vice-President, California Senator Kamala Harris

The numerous interviews covered everything from coronavirus and economics to foreign affairs and the Supreme Court Here are five key moments from the Democratic nominee interviews

During an episode of his podcast in May, Joe Biden spoke to former rival Andrew Yang, who pushed for a universal basic income policy when he campaigned for the Democratic ticket « We need revolutionary institutional changes, » said M Biden told Yang at the time

O’Donnell pushed Joe Biden on other aspects of his economic plan, noting that he had proposed several trillions of dollars in new spending over the next decade for initiatives such as economic aid, l ‘education and health care How does he plan to pay for all of this?

« By correcting the tax code, » M Biden said « You have billionaires in this country making $ 700 billion during this crisis »

The former vice president has promised that no one who earns less than $ 400,000 a year will pay no more taxes

Just over a week before polling day, the Senate is planning a confirmation vote on Monday for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s appointment O’Donnell asked Ms. Biden if he added more judges to the highest court in the land if elected

Joe Biden responded that he would set up a bipartisan national commission of constitutional experts to make recommendations on how to reform the system for selecting Supreme Court judges

If elected, Joe Biden would be the longest-serving president in American history, sworn in at 78 O’Donnell asked him about the President’s claims that Mr. Biden has dementia

« All I can tell the American people is look at me, see what I’ve done, is see what I’m going to do », M Biden said « Look at me Compare our physical and mental acuity I’m glad to have this comparison »

In her interview with Senator Harris, O’Donnell highlighted the different ideological leanings between her and Joe Biden The GovTrack website, O’Donnell noted, ranked Harris as the most liberal senator in 2019, according to of its legislative record

If elected, would Senator Harris bring the progressive policies she supported from the Senate to the White House?

« What I’m going to do, and I promise you, and that’s what Joe wants me to do, that was part of our deal, I will always share with him my lived experience regarding the issues that we are facing, « she said » And I promised Joe that I will give him that perspective and that I will always be honest with him « 

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World News – US – Moments 60 minutes’ interview with Joe Biden



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