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World news – US – NBA draft rumors: Warriors ‘intrigued’ by Denny Avdega’s skill level

. . Warriors reportedly believed that Denny Avdega could develop into a Danilo Galinari-type player.

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if warriors stuck out. 2 Overall in Wednesday’s draft, it seems increasingly likely that James Wiseman of Memphis is their man, assuming he’s still on the board. However, they are said to prefer option trading to obtain a veteran shareholder and pick a lower lottery, and that may have something to do with their opinion of a player outside the top three consensus.. .

Denny Avdega is the international best player in the draft, and there has been no shortage of rumors linking the Golden State to him over the past few months.. Delving into the aforementioned Warriors’ desire to return from the second choice, Connor Letorno of the San Francisco Chronicle stated Tuesday that their interest in Avdega has only grown.

“If the Warriors move outside the top three, they will likely look to young Israeli striker Denny Avdega, who can protect multiple locations and slide into the role of a secondary playmaker,” Litorno wrote. According to the league source, the Golden State has become ‘fascinated’ with Avdija’s skill level and it is believed that he could develop into a Danilo Gallinari type player..

In the largely unanimous draft, Warriors would be thrilled to hang out with a Galinari player.. At 6 feet 9 feet, Avdija offers immense versatility. He is old enough to guard multiple positions, but he also possesses skills that make him a potential mismatch. He is a great playmaker who has a good feel for the game and can handle the ball. But while he is an aggressive scorer, he needs to improve his shooting role, especially from outside of arc.

This last part is key if warriors really perceive him as a Gallinari, as the 6-foot 10-foot Gallinari is a March 38. 0% shooter from 3-point land.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that Warriors will trade again from second pick but Avdija is already off the board by the time of their new pick. If that were the case, then Warriors would be centered on one of a few other possibilities.

“If the Warriors drop and Avdija is not available, they might choose between Iowa State Point keeper Therese Halliburton and Florida State Shooting keeper Devin Fasil,” continued LeTorno. “Haliburton is a good facilitator who is an efficient enough shooter to play the ball if needed. Vasil, who shot 41. 5 percent of the 3-point range as a sophomore last season, projects as a « 3D » production suite at the next level.

“In the event that the Warriors move to the late lottery, they will think hard about Villanova’s young striker Sadiq Bey – another versatile winger who drops three-pointers in a high clip, makes some mistakes and defends at a high level. But if the Golden State didn’t put out a convincing commercial show, it wouldn’t have had a problem with sticking to the number. 2 selection.

With the draft now less than 24 hours away, the warriors will definitely be busy turning on the phones.

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World News – US – NBA Draft Rumors: Warriors are « intrigued » by Denny Avdega’s skill level

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