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Thursday night some of the best players in the country will be playing in the high school basketball show on ESPN2 The Triple Head will feature a match between the best players in 2021 and 2022, Chet Holmgren and Emony Bates, plus Bruni James and more Here is 247Sports Event Watch Guide

Who and What to Watch: Tonight begins with a head-to-head battle between social media star Mickey Williams of Lake Norman and four-star forward MJ Rice Oak Hill

Williams, who ranks No 2 in 247 in the Sports Ranking of the Class of 2023, has 10 finalists from Central Carolina, Alabama, South Texas, Hampton, Tennessee State Tigers, Kansas, San Diego, USC and Memphis On the other side of the ball there is a striker. The four-star Marais, who ranks 34th in 2022, Rice is a 6-foot-5-foot athletic wing that currently carries shows from Louisville, Providence, Boston College and others as well as holds interests from Duke, Ohio, Indiana and more.


Others to watch for in this game include Williams colleague Joyful Hawkins, who ranks 127th in 2022, Caleb Foster of Oak Hill who is ranked # 24 in the 2023 category. Don’t be surprised if Oak Hill Junior striker Galen Reed has a season. Outbreak

Who and What to Watch: This is as close as possible to watching TV if you’re a fan of high school basketball and recruiting not a single player in the 2021 class Chet Holmgren of Team Sizzle faces a number one player in the class of 2022 Emoni Bates from Ypsi This is a battle between two One of the most talked about players on Earth

Holmgren currently works in Michigan, Minnesota, Gonzaga, Ohio State, Georgetown, Memphis and leading the United Nations at 7 feet – 0 Holmgren has guarding skills besides being an outstanding defender fellow young Holmgren, striker Prince Allegbe, is a senior athlete who will have to offer some support on the side The other, Bates is already committed to Michigan and has been hailed as the talent of a generation since prep school Bates also joins fellow Michigan state Jaden Akins is committed to a four-star electric ranger and four-star shooting guard Dillon Hunter who has received offers from Georgia and Auburn And the state of Florida and more Hunter is someone to watch through this match with his shooting, ball handling and sports games at 6 feet 3

Who and What to Watch: Sleeper Cup Has Nation Number Four In 2021, Jaden Hardy and Michigan are committed to Frankie Collins with a CBC team loaded that includes LeBron James’ son, Bruni James and many others

Hardy was impressive this fall and arguably the most explosive scorer in all high schools. Hardy is currently dropping to 12 schools and will also be considering career options. Kentucky, Oregon and UCLA are in the best position if he chooses college road over pro Collins. And Hardy, a super sports goalkeeper, it won’t be easy tonight to confront the CBC. Many eyes will be on James because of his father’s identity, but the sophomore has a game and is ranked No 30 in the class of 2023 James will definitely strive to prove that he is a legitimate teammates are not bad either. Goalkeeper Amary Bailey is ranked no fourth in the 2022 category, while fellow youngster Chance Westry is ranked No. 29, Billy and Westrie are both nationalists.

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World News – US – No 1’s Emoni Bates and Chet Holmgren plus Bronny James in Honor mode


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