World News – US – Officials: At least 1 in 5 restaurants forced to close due to COVID-19 pandemic


BOSTON (WHDH) – Empty Boston streets feel even more empty this week with another round of restaurant closures

Boston institutions Stoddard’s Fine Food & Ale and The Kinsale announced Tuesday that they have closed their doors indefinitely

« Much of the business has dried up Foot traffic is not what it used to be, and people are no longer in the area, » said Kinsale General Manager Victor Carpino

« These are absolutely the worst times the industry has ever known, it goes without saying, » Bob Luz, president of the Mass Restaurant Association said

Luz said about 20% of all restaurants in the state have closed or have not reopened since the pandemic began in March The situation is much worse in town

« What we’re missing right now in Boston is some semblance of day-to-day workers, conventions, colleges and universities, sports, culture, all the typical drivers, » he explained.

Massachusetts Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley spoke outside a virtual town hall to hear concerns from state service workers The vast majority of these workers have been fired or laid off

“No worker should have to choose between making a living and keeping their family safe,” she said “Our greatest asset as a nation, as a Commonwealth, is the health of our people « 

Restaurant owners in the area said they were unsure how they would make it through this difficult time, but were optimistic about the industry’s recovery

« It will take a few years, I believe, » said Carpino « A lot of new blood has to come through and repopulate these areas that have been decimated »

The Restaurant Association said the best way to help this struggling industry would be to receive another round of PPE loans, which appear to have been put on hold, with the president’s announcement blocking relief talks until after the election.

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World News – United States – Officials: At least 1 in 5 restaurants are forced to close due of the COVID-19 pandemic


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