World News – US – Oh Good, Dianne Feinstein concluded Barrett’s hearings by hugging Lindsey Graham without a mask



The Senate Judiciary Committee concluded its confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett on Thursday Some, including myself, feared ahead of the hearing that Democrat participation would normalize the obviously corrupt takeover by which Republicans solidified a 6-3 majority in the Supreme Court for at least a decade, if not more

There was some hope, however, that if the Democrats, led by Sen Dianne Feinstein, were to participate (which, let’s face it, they always have been), they could at least forcefully challenge the threats. de Barrett against long-standing constitutional rights, fighting Republicans tooth and nail on procedural issues, and exposing the hasty, sham process that goes against what Republicans promised the American people ago. barely four years for what it is

As Republicans wrap up Amy Coney Barrett’s hearing with draft votes, Dianne Feinstein praises Lindsey Graham: « I just want to thank you This is one of the best audiences that I participated ”, she told him « Thank you very much for your leadership » photoTwittercom / I3oXSYpVDk

« This is one of the best hearings I’ve been to, » Feinstein told committee chair Lindsey Graham, who was instrumental in orchestrating this hearing, rescinding his promise four years ago not to hold a confirmation hearing in the last year of Trump’s tenure Graham was also involved in Judge Merrick Garland’s month-long blockade, allowing the GOP to effectively steal the seat Barack Obama should have occupied in the last year of his presidency And, for that hearing, Graham declined to require that all attendees be pre-tested for COVID-19, despite the fact that the celebration of Barrett’s appointment, a widespread event, likely resulted in the infection of two GOP senators who sit on the judicial committee , and indeed participated in the hearings in person, delivering their remarks without masks Graham personally refused to be tested himself, despite exposure to infected people. « Thank you very much for your leadership, » she added.

Oh, good! It’s a photo of the 87-year-old Democrat leader on arguably the most important Senate committee, hugging the man responsible for this hearing parody, who, again, refused to be done. testing for COVID-19, possibly because he feared a positive test would derail this unprecedented coup. No one is supposed to hug anyone outside of their family right now, let alone hug a possible vector when you’re in a high-risk category for a deadly virus when neither party is wearing a mask But for old Lindsey Graham, of course, a mask-less hug was apparently in order – he did one so good job with audiences, after all

For his part, Feinstein had already taken a lot of heat ahead of the hearings When Barrett was being considered for his current seat, the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals, the senator made derogatory comments about Barrett’s religion , on which the GOP is relentlessly focused She is also still recovering from criticism of her handling of Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations during Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing – she waited until the last possible moment to make them public. made Democrats nervous about the hugely consequent and high-stakes few days, but during that hearing she managed to dodge landmines and cleared herself a fine, as she did not openly personally insult the candidate or publicly praise Barrett’s singular forensic genius

Feinstein was unable to maintain that standard of not fully suspending proceedings for Democrats for three days, before things unfolded on Thursday afternoon Ahead of Feinstein’s committee performance and the pandemic embrace with the untested one, the hearings opened with a lukewarm statement from the California Democrat, who said that during her years on the committee she  » really enjoyed the auditions“It was a weird thing to say after that particular series – Barrett declined to respond substantively to a single question one of the Democratic members tried to ask him Feinstein added that ‘I really don’t understand’ why the nomination was rushed The reason it’s rushed is that Republicans need to do this now in case the polls are correct and lose an election in a landslide in less than three weeks, something anyone paying attention could tell you , but certainly something A Judiciary-ranked Democrat should realize Oh, and between the sweet opening statement and the no-mask hug, Feinstein once again opened up to (potentially bad faith) criticism for attacking Barrett’s religion when she was caught on a live microphone saying she thought Barrett’s opposition to abortion rights ment was sincere because he « comes with » his Catholic religion

Feinstein also said that « committee etiquette » and « everything we hold dear and the processes we have moved forward with » will be violated if Republicans move forward with Barrett seats « I really hope this will not happen, ”she concluded, hitting an aspiration note This gentle call for standards is of course made in vain As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reiterated Thursday: product

Maybe none of this will matter and the Democratic strategy of dropping this fight in order to maintain a possible advantage in this year’s Senate races will prove correct in less than three weeks. be that Democrats will then muster the votes and the will to do whatever is necessary to preserve the democracy of a tribunal determined to demolish the right to vote, as well as the right to abortion and any progressive legislation that may reach its doors

Then again, support for Barrett’s confirmation appears to have grown steadily this week.A New York Times-Siena poll released Thursday, meanwhile, showed Graham a solid 6 point lead over Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison in what was thought to be a close race in South Carolina that could decide the fate of the Senate

If the strategy ultimately proves effective despite the calamity the week seems to have been, my colleague Mark Joseph Stern has cleverly suggested that it would be wise for Joe Biden to appoint Feinstein to any post of Ambassador, administration or other work she may want to finally get her out of her perch on the most important committee of Congress.She had a close relationship with French leaders in the early 1980s, and soon after the day of the inauguration was a beautiful time of year in Paris, for example But really, anything but the head of the Judiciary Committee, where she has repeatedly failed to meet yet, will do

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Dianne Feinstein

World News – US – Oh well, Dianne Feinstein wrapped up Barrett’s hearings by giving Lindsey Graham a hug without a mask


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