World news – US – Pax acquires Bogdanovich in signing and trading, sending Devenshenzo, Ilyasova and Wilson to Kings, according to the report


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After announcing their trade for the Jrue Holiday, the Milwaukee Bucks hit again. They have agreed to have Free Agent Bogdan Boganovic’s suite from the Sacramento Kings in sign and trade, according to Adrian Voynarowski of ESPN. In return, they would send goalkeeper Donte Divincenzo and bigs D. . J. Wilson and Arsan Ilyasova to Sacramento.

Bogdanovi, 28, will join the Bucks on a new contract, the terms of which have yet to be reported.. Milwaukee will also receive winger Justin James at the deal.

With this move and the holiday deal, the Bucks were a huge hit. Bogdanovi seemed like a logical goal since they chose not to re-sign Malcolm Brodjon last summer, as he brings an attractive mix of shooting and game making to the list they need both.. . Milwaukee lacked creators even when he had Brogdon, and Bogdanovi would add some liveliness to the attack which was nearly unstoppable in the regular season but could be sluggish in playoff time..

The downside is that Bucks had to abandon DiVincenzo to achieve this. Coined not. On 17 in 2018, the 23-year-old showed a major improvement from his rookie season shortening injuries to 2019-20, carving out a place in the turn with his surrounding defense, rebound and match feel. However, he was not yet a reliable player and Bogdanovi is an apparent upgrade to the scorer as well.

If the Bogdanoviفظ Kings were unlikely to hold a price they could justify, DiVincenzo is exactly the type of player they should have been looking for: young, improving and thinking defensively. Wilson has an upside as a 5-roll extension with some defensive variety, although their front office would likely need to make a few extra moves if it were to get a chance to play more than it got in Milwaukee. Sacramento’s front yard rotation is busy, even if Veteran Eliasova doesn’t stick.

No matter how much Bogdanovic earns, the Bucks will sacrifice some flexibility as they try to fill in the rest of their lists.. By receiving a player in scoring and trading, they are subject to a cap, which means their total pay cannot exceed $ 138. 9 million at any time in the 2020-21 season. As was the case with the holiday trade, this deal should be judged in terms of its impact on Giannis Antetokounmpo’s future with the team..

If the front office knows these moves will inspire the Milwaukee franchise player to sign this off-season extension, it means that he has already won. If Antetokounmpo didn’t sign one, that’s a completely different story.

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World News – US – PAX acquires Bogdan Bogdanovich in sign – And-trade, send Devenshenzo, Iliasova, Wilson to Kings, for each report
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