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« Although history has separated our peoples, it has not destroyed the root that unites them in that great work which was the preaching of America with these opening words, Pope Francis welcomed the community of the Pontifical College of Latin America, and made it clear that it is The premise was born of the College: “As a commitment that would unite all of our private churches and at the same time open them up to the universal Church in this city of Rome..

Pope Francis went on to note that this particular experience of company and openness is very challenging and can « help heal the world ». The Bible and its message reached our earth by human means. . . And his word spread all over the continent, ”he said, explaining that this“ miracle ”occurred because“ both those who arrived and those who received them were able to open their hearts ”to what others could bring.

The Pope then clarified that it was the presence in Latin America, all over the world, that brought great benefits to Christian societies worldwide: From northern and central Europe to the East, these societies found in them « new vitality and renewed leadership. ». He used the example of celebrating Christ of Miracles and Our Lady of Guadalupe: “The rich cultural mix that made evangelization possible is being reproduced again today.. Latin peoples meet with each other and with other peoples thanks to social mobility and communication facilities, and they also come out of this meeting rich people. .

This is what your group should be, continued the Pope, « Sow the word generously » as God sows. The Pope said that there are three concrete action points: “Open the door to your heart and the hearts of those who listen to you; to enter and invite others to do so with you for the good of all; to heal this world.. Of the great evil that afflicts her that the epidemic has revealed.. He added that each of these has two « personal and societal » movements inevitably complete.

Pope continued, be shepherds. The Pope said: « Certainly, in your heads, there are countless initiatives and I do not doubt that through hard work, you will do a lot of good and will help many people, but our mission will not be perfect if we remain at it. ». . He urged faculty members to « fight the culture of ostracism, social discrimination, distrust and prejudice due to race, culture or belief » so that the feeling of brotherhood prevails over any difference. .

“The epidemic has set us in front of the great evil afflicting our society. Globalization has overcome borders, but it has not won over minds and hearts. The virus is spreading unchecked, but we are unable to respond together. The world continues to close its doors, rejecting dialogue and cooperation, sincerely refusing to open up to a common commitment for a good that reaches everyone without discrimination.. .

The Pope concluded that the cure for this evil must come from below. It must come « from the hearts and souls who will one day be entrusted with them, with concrete proposals in the field of education, catechesis and social commitment, able to change mentalities and open spaces, to heal this evil and give God a united people. ». .

Finally, Pope Francis prayed for “The Virgin Mother, Guadalupana, Shepherd of Latin America, preserves hope” in the midst of much uncertainty, so that every member can support the call of God “and bear witness to mankind’s brotherhood born of the children of God.

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World News – United States – The Pope to Latin American Colleges Scholars: « Treating the evil world that afflicts him » – Vatican News
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