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Kevin Folland and Cesc Fabregas led Monaco from the back to defeat Paris Saint-Germain 3-2 at Stade Louis II in the magical match Friday night in the Ligue 1 League after Kylian Mbappe awarded French champions two goals in the first half. . This is the first time that Paris Saint-Germain has lost a game in the league after coming up with two goals since January 2015, according to Gracenote..

Paris Saint-Germain got off to a perfect start after the 25th minute by shooting Mbappe into the net after Angel Di Maria’s shot and the French international doubled his tally from a penalty kick after 12 minutes to move to 99 goals with the capital club. After Ravinia’s fault.

Mbappe, 21, stole the ball past Vito Manioni for the third time, but VAR was blocked for offside while Moise Kane saw another attempt for the same reason.. .

He scored two goals at the start of the second half and the match was lost to Paris Saint-Germain, but Thomas Tuchel’s men somehow tried to collapse in an amazing way..

6 – Kylian Mbappe scored six goals against Monaco in the Ligue 1, only against Dijon (9) and scored more in the league. . With 98 goals, he joined Mustapha Dahleb to be Paris’ fifth-best goalscorer in all competitions in their history.. . Fatal. #ASMPSG pic. Twitter. com / Ztdh5OOJVi

Cesc Fabregas’ half-time kick-off triggered a shift in the fortunes of Niko Kovac and the change immediately began to bear fruit as Volland brought them back into the game after his goal in the 52nd minute.. .

The Spaniard beat the German after 13 minutes when Lee Monaco equalized, and despite the fact that Neymar entered the field, there was only one winner..

The inevitable third goal for Monaco came through a former player, as Abdo Diallo Voland missed a penalty kick just over five minutes before the match and saw the red for his actions. .

Fabregas turned against Keylor Navas and the homeowners managed to keep their advantage by three points which put them firmly ahead in the chasing group behind Les Parisiens in Championnat’s schedule.

2 – Paris conceded two goals in the same French league match for the first time since February 23 against Bordeaux (4-3). They have conceded two goals tonight, more than one in the previous eight in the Premier League. Relaxed? #ASMPSG pic. Twitter. com / YuX4uf9pjC

Although the influence of Fabregas was perhaps more measurable as he brought Monaco back to life in the second half, the German international participated in all three goals as he continues to build on a positive start to life in France with a second double..

The German tactic mistakenly missed the second half with Mbappe’s inexplicable withdrawal and the risk of Di Maria being replaced by Neymar’s recovery, which ultimately backfired. The pressure is now greater than it was already in next week’s crucial UEFA Champions League Group H match with RB Leipzig – on CBS All Access – and a poor result is sure to determine Tuschl’s fate.. .

The Spanish veteran, who was introduced in the first half, has shown that he still has a lot of technical competence at the age of 33 and helped turn the tide in Monaco. One goal and help do not do justice to his great influence on the victors.

Cesc Fabregas beats Keylor Navas with a penalty, AS_Monaco_EN is back from trailing 2-0 to take a late lead on PSG_English! # ASMPSG📺 – beIN SPORTS💻📱 – beIN SPORTS CONNECT pic. Twitter. com / uQTIcDTh6c

On his return to Louis II Stadium, the 24-year-old cracked under pressure to substitute Marquinhos alongside Presnel Kimpembe and earned his second red card of the season. . With Kimpembe commenting on Leipzig, confidence in Diallo won’t be high.

The French player’s first half double was largely forgotten by the end of the match due to the spectacular collapse of Paris Saint-Germain.. The VAR referee’s decision not to allow his third match – and the celebration to kiss the badge – was justified, but Mbappe and PSG may be right to be upset about not awarding Kane. .

Another former Monaco man returns to his old land and puts on a bad show. The French international lasted 68 minutes before Tuchel decided he had seen enough that the 28-year-old still lacked any kind of performance..

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World News – USA – Paris Saint-Germain match. Monaco result: Cesc Fabregas, Kevin Volland lead with an unlikely win over Parisians Kylian Mbappe
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