World News – US – Salesforce’s Benioff Says SAP’s Problems Are « Unique to Them »


At’ SAP you can see that they are having some really big issues with the CEO transition that they are going through,  » says Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff

Salesforcecom Inc CEO Marc Benioff has criticized the business performance of rival SAP SE in harsh terms, dismissing the idea that the German software giant’s challenges are an omen for his company

At “SAP, you can see they have some really big issues with the CEO transition that they’re going through,” Benioff said Monday in an interview with Bloomberg Television. “As you know they’ve gone from a two-man CEO, they fired one of those two CEOs The CEO transition just isn’t going well and their clients are saying Now you can see their income reflects this problem as well « 

Benioff, the co-founder of San Francisco-based Salesforce, used to refer mature rivals such as Oracle Corp and Microsoft Corp in the early days of his business since Salesforce became a market leader in cloud-based applications, it generally avoids directly criticizing its competitors But on Monday, investor concern over SAP’s decision to cut its full-year forecast helped lead other software companies, including Salesforce Benioff, seemed keen to set the record straight that its problems German enemy should not be considered relevant to the entire software industry

« They didn’t execute the cloud opportunity well, » said Benioff « SAP’s problems, I think, are their own »

In August, Salesforce reported a 29% increase in quarterly sales and an increase in its revenue forecast for the year. « Our market share continues to grow, » Benioff said

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World news – US – Salesforce’s Benioff says SAP’s problems are ‘unique to them’  »


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