World News – US – Scheana Shay reveals she’s pregnant again after June miscarriage: I’m so excited to ‘become a mom’


Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay opens up about pregnancy in this week’s PEOPLE Friday issue

The Vanderpump Rules star, 35, reveals in this week’s PEOPLE issue that she and boyfriend Brock Honey Davies are expecting their first child together, after previously sharing in June that she had a fake layer

“We got pregnant so quickly,” Shay says “My doctor told me to wait for an ovulation period and cycle and then we could try again This was the first and only time we tried and I had a feeling right away, but it was so early to tell because I wasn’t even close to missing my period yet I just had a feeling « 

As the couple planned to take a trip to Sedona, Arizona full of high-impact activities like off-roading, Shay opted to take a Clearblue digital pregnancy test just in case – and the future. mom remembers « bawling [her] eyes » when she saw a positive result

« I had to know before I missed my period and we made this trip », she tells PEOPLE « We had an amazing trip again but it all happened so fast which is so exciting but also really scary after miscarriage « 

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« After I miscarried and experienced these signs, ‘this time’ it was heartwarming to know, ‘Okay you don’t see, you don’t have cramps, you still feel pregnant, you are still tired, your breasts still hurt ‘ »

« I had to keep convincing myself that it’s okay because the last time I woke up one day and there’s no other way to explain it, just that I didn’t feel pregnant, « recalls the Bravo star » I told my mom and her heart broke because before my sister she too had a miscarriage and the same – she said she did not feel pregnant one day « 

« After a miscarriage I was certainly even more aware of my body, but so much more careful and scared I was just too scared to lift a 5lb weight I was like, ‘But what if this miscarry me?  » « Shay said, » It was every little thing, which I’m sure was driving Brock crazy because he said, ‘You’re okay! But I was like, ‘I have to insure, I have to insure’ – and now we’ve got insured! « 

It helps the mom-to-be to keep track of her blood work – especially her progesterone levels – which gives her « anxiety » beforehand, but also peace of mind In fact, her doctor even put her on extra doses of the hormone for a few weeks to give it a little boost in this area

« Once I got there at 10 weeks I went to my appointment and [the doctor said], ‘You can stop progesterone now’, » Shay told PEOPLE « And I was like : ‘But I’m not in my second trimester yet’, and he said, ‘Well, I just had an ultrasound; the placenta gives the baby nutrients now Your progesterone is supplied there ‘And I was like,’ But are you sure? ‘I was asking my doctor because I’m so paranoid and he said,’ You’re okay, stop taking it, relax, go back to work ‘ »

Shay wants other women struggling with infertility and / or pregnancy loss to know that there are so many options on the path to parenthood and has a great message from the heart: « Don’t give up not « 

“There are so many other ways: freeze your eggs, try [in vitro fertilization],” she says. “If that doesn’t work, there’s always adoption; there are so many foster children who need to be adopted and need a home There is always a way If you really want to be a mom, don’t give up « 

She also wants other hopeful mothers to know that their pain is not measured by how someone else is feeling based on the progress of their pregnancy: « I had so much pain. people who were like, ‘Well you were only six and a half weeks old, at least you haven’t heard the heartbeat yet’ And I’m like ‘I was still pregnant I planned again a lifetime for this baby It didn’t matter if I was six and a half or 12 and a half weeks old, I still lost something ‘ »

« I really wanted to put this out there – that you are not alone, I feel your pain and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy, » Shay adds « It’s the worst thing a woman can walk through I have always been an open book and really wanted to share my story so women know I feel your pain and so do I. « 

As for her own situation, « Being a mom is something I didn’t necessarily think was possible for me, which is why I froze my eggs twice last year, » she tells PEOPLE « I had no idea I could get pregnant on my own so I’m so excited we were able to do it naturally and everything is looking good I’m so excited to have a healthy baby and to hug my baby in my arms and just being a mom « 

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World News – US – Scheana Shay reveals she is pregnant again after June miscarriage : I’m so excited to be a mom ‘


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