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The Pittsburgh Steelers are totally confident they believe they won’t have any new positive Covid-19 tests out of the four players had to place their Reserve / Covid-19 list because the NFL determined they had been in close contact with Vance MacDonald, who were at high risk of exposure to the virus after testing positive.

What is less clear is whether or not they would feel comfortable wearing all four of these players against the Cincinnati Bengals after losing for nearly the entire week of physical training.. It makes no sense for midfielder Ben Rothlesberger and midfielder Vince Williams, two veteran beginners players, to dress and play. It’s unclear that the tackle to reserve Gerald Hawkins and Gilen Samuels will be back.

« Some others, we’ll make judgments based on how the week happened, » said Technical Director Mike Tomlin Tuesday about Hawkins and Samuels’ availability on Sunday.. “Their lack of résumé or experience may have been a factor in determining whether or not we would use these people. This is the truth of the matter. We have a lot of decisions to be made in this environment as many people do. « .

With Trey Edmunds calling up a back-up from the coaching team, there’s a very reasonable chance the Samuels aren’t actually wearing, but Hawkins is the Steelers and Liner’s swing handling gadget, which would be even more important without McDonald, its basic tight end to ban, available to the game.

Offensive line coach Sean Sarrett has spoken of the possibility that Hawkins could be ready to play on Sunday without having that personal experience outside of the Saturday tour. “It is harmonious. It would be a possibility, he said..

« He should be a professional. He should be on top of things. He did a great job. It was in this morning’s meetings, « Sarrett continued. “He did a great job with all of those things. I have full confidence in him. It’s how this setup will be done this year with Covid and all of that. We just have to go ahead because it’s coming on Sunday, there will be no excuses for these things. The only thing people want to see is the final results and results, and that’s what we need to do. We have to go out and produce.

It’s not even clear who the swing tackle would be if Hawkins didn’t play, although I assume it would be left goalkeeper Matt Fyler, who has made 25 straight tackles.. They can connect Kevin Dotson with the goalkeeper in the event that, and I’m sure they’ve worked on that scenario in practice.

However, I am sure Hawkins will dress and play, and will likely have an increased role due to McDonald’s absence.. He’s so far scored 46 shots this season after being signed in Week Two to fill the spot for Zack Banner’s list after tearing up his ACL..

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World News – United States – Sean Sarrett: « Good prospect » Gerald Hawkins plays despite lost practice due to Covid protocols – 19 – Steelers warehouse


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