World News – US – See Obama and Reagan through the eyes of White House photographer Pete Souza


You can watch the new documentary The Way I See It on MSNBC on Friday October 16

Dawn Porter’s new documentary The Way I See It examines the presidencies of Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan through the eyes of official White House photographer Pete Souza (seen holding camera)

New documentary The Way I See It airs Friday Oct 16 at 7 pm PT and 10 pm PT on MSNBC The film looks at former Presidents Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan through the lens of Pete Souza During his time as the official White House photographer, Souza captured the profound moments, intimate, funny and worthy of two of the most iconic presidents in modern history

The Way I See It is directed by Dawn Porter, who also directed the inspirational John Lewis documentary: Longtime Congressman and Civil Rights Icon Good Trouble Lewis Passed Away in July

Porter and Souza Were My Guests on CNET’s I’m So Obsessed Podcast During our conversation, Porter explained why she was intrigued by Souza and her prospect of working for Reagan and Obama When Souza started photographing Obama, the future president was still a senator

« He [Souza] was thinking, ‘Who is this man? « Porter said. » And that’s what I was thinking about with Pete How was he born? What influenced Pete? « 

Since hanging up his White House camera, Souza, as his Instagram profile indicates, has become an Earth Citizen Over the past three years, the former photojournalist has garnered attention for his opinions on the current occupant of the White House He recorded his disgust as only a photographer can, posting pictures in juxtaposition The idea was not to be political but to remind the world of the necessary dignity and empathy to be president

« I had a unique voice having worked not only for a Republican president and a Democratic president, but who is arguably the most iconic Republican president and the most iconic Democratic president of my generation I could come up with a non-partisan opinion that it wasn’t because Donald Trump is a Republican It had nothing to do with it He wasn’t fit for a position, « Souza said

« For three years we have seen what it means to have someone who is ill-prepared and has no empathy What it means when you are faced with a global pandemic and you try to make your way through it Trying to do whatever makes you look good, not what’s best for the country So it wasn’t really the hard decision for me to start talking « 

For 30 animated minutes, Porter and Souza discuss the importance of empathy for a leader over Lewis’ death, the importance of professional athletes protesting the police shooting of Jacob Blake, and what it is is that Obama officiates your marriage

Listen to my entire conversation with Porter and Souza on Spotify or Apple Podcasts The Way I See It opened in select theaters in September Also, you can subscribe to I’m So Obsessed on your favorite podcast app In every episode , I meet an artist, an actor or a creator to find out more about his work, his career and his current obsessions

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World News – United States – Seeing Obama and Reagan Through the Eyes of White House Photographer Pete Souza


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