World News – US – Sharon has proposal for Rey following clash with Adam


Monday October 12, 2020: On the new episode of Young and Restless, Chelsea catches Billy off guard, Chloe and Kevin name their son, and Kyle returns without Summer

At the penthouse, Adam tells Chelsea he won’t rush into the shadows and let them think they won. He remarks that it didn’t take long for him to turn on him Chelsea denies accusation, but there are limits She wants him to show the world that he is not the monster that Billy made of him Adam feels that it is she who needs proof that he does is not a monster When she says she loves him « but » … he comes out

At Crimson Lights, Lauren hears from the necklace and shares a photo of Chloe and Kevin’s newborn baby with Jack She says the contents of a safe are being sent to town as they go. speak and remembers the legend of the necklace brings love to the owner Jack smiles He’s just trying to make Dina happy Lauren thinks of him, continuing the tradition of giving the necklace to the woman he falls in love with Jack just wants peace for Dina On the patio, Adam meets Sharon and asks him about his operation She has no results yet and feels he is in pain Adam admits he feels desperate – he has no one to support him except Sharon He thinks that it is not a coincidence Woman who knows him better than anyone and suddenly appeared to him Sharon suggests returning home to Chelsea Adam tells Sharon that he has never stopped loving him Sharon tries to discourage him, but Adam insists that ‘she will never love Rey the way she loves her – they’re meant to be Sharon loves her lovely and tempting words but they don’t get back together She admits she will never love Rey the way she loved her, but it does is too complicated with Adam She explains about faith Adam is really sorry and wants to redeem himself Sharon wants his life to move forward with Rey Adam is devastated « You can’t say that » Sharon says goodbye

At the Chancellor Estate, Chloe tells Kevin it’s natural with the baby She didn’t give him the chance to name Bella, so she puts their baby’s name in her hands Later Chelsea visits and Chloe is stunned when Chelsea starts to cry She explains that their world is falling apart, that they may have to cancel the clothing line and that she had to fire Connor Chloe remarks « who really is Adam » and the press to go focus on herself and Connor After Chelsea leave, Kevin reveals the baby’s name will come from a neighbor who was helping him – Miles Chloe the perfect judge – Miles Mitchell Fisher

In Society, Lola thanks Mariah and Tessa for organizing their girls’ night out sipping cocktails Tessa hints that Kyle and Summer got married Mariah confirms they got away – she heard it from Nick Lola needs a minute and let Mariah and Tessa worry Lola reappears and assures them that she is fine just as Kyle walks in Lola advises him to go back to her honeymoon Kyle didn’t want to crash and get go

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis smokes her money man on the phone for telling him she had no options Kyle walks in. She asks why he’s disheveled and where is his blushing bride? Kyle tells Phyllis she got what she wanted – the wedding never happened He woke up on their wedding day in an empty bed and a goodbye note Phyllis narrowed her eyes, « Qu did you do to scare him?  » Kyle has no idea and thought they were better than ever He goes out Phyllis leaves a voicemail for Summer Jack arrives and Phyllis fills it out on Summer canceling the leak Jack is offended when she says it is clearly Kyle’s fault and doubts her suspicions he cheated and reminds her that Summer doesn’t have a perfect record either Suddenly Phyllis receives a text from Summer She needs time to figure things out and is confused Phyllis is worried – last time that this happened, she came back in a stolen car

Chelsea arrives at Chance Comm and tells Billy her son is at boarding school thanks to her article She had just visited Chloe and her new baby and realized she would like to hang out with Johnny Billy mouth speechless, « What ?! » He points out that she shows no interest in him Chelsea has the right to know him Billy is incredulous, she wants to take him for the weekend to Adam’s penthouse It doesn’t happen Chelsea won’t give up

Sharon comes home and says to Rey, « I feel like you should ask me to marry you » Rey is taken aback – they just got back together Sharon doesn’t want to wait Rey guess she’s worried for her health and that she would be honored to be her husband He kneels « Sharon, will you marry me? » She replies: « Yes »

At the Grand Phoenix, Kyle tells Billy love sucks before walking away After, Summer looks behind a magazine

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World News – United States – Sharon has a proposal for Rey following a Meeting with Adam


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