World News – US – Tanner Mordecai joins Spencer Rattler mid-game at OU-Texas


Tied 10-10 in second quarter, Oklahoma made a quarterback change against Texas With one touchdown and two interceptions, starting quarterback Spencer Rattler was seen on the bench after his last pick

Substitute Tanner Mordecai replaced Rattler, but it was unclear whether Rattler got knocked out after his last interception or if head coach Lincoln Riley made a strict quarterback change due to the game The change came after Texas scored in Sam Ehlinger’s touchdown

While some have speculated that injury was the reason for the Sooners’ quarterback replacement, Fox Sports reporter Jenny Taft said at the end of the second half – after several practices of Mordecai taking the snaps – that Rattler appeared to be healthy on the sidelines and that replacing Mordecai was not seen as an injury-related Oklahoma decision Rattler would not see the action again until after the opening series of the second half, the one that resulted in a touchdown for the Sooners

“They looked at his arm,” Taft said on the show “It was so brief, and it was awhile ago he was on the sidelines involved He has his helmet in hand I think it was a wake-up call from Lincoln Riley « 

Taft would provide another half-time update after speaking with Riley, confirming the move was not the result of an injury to Rattler

« (Riley) was careful with his words, » Taft said « He told me he just wanted to involve Tanner (Mordecai) in this one He said it wasn’t an injury for Spencer , and it was available How much and if we will see Spencer Rattler is the question « 

FOX Sports University football analyst Joel Klatt discussed Mordecai on the show after Mordecai first arrived

“Look he (Rattler) got hit awkwardly, you never know,” said Klatt “He’s a guy (Mordecai) that’s been on this program for a long time He’s going to find out about the offense. inside and away It’s his luck and his opportunity As a quarterback, when you step into the game these offensive players need to see confidence Be decisive in your decisions in passing Play Give these guys love. ai, don’t worry These are huge benefits for your team I bet Mordecai’s heart is beating in its pads You gotta tell him we’re going to attack in this game « 

According to Chris Hummer of 247Sports, Rattler was seen throwing for a few seconds on the sideline after being watched and putting his helmet back on

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Spencer Rattler

World News – USA – Tanner Mordecai replaces Spencer Rattler mid-game at OU-Texas


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