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RICHMOND, Va – This year has brought a pandemic, major elections and now a rare blue moon for Halloween

A blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month and appears every 25 years, according to NASA A full moon occurs on Halloween every 19 years A Halloween full moon has not appeared in all time zones since 1944, says farmer’s almanac

The blue moon is not blue; term refers to the time of the moon, not the color, NASA said The blue moon is also known as the hunter’s moon because it provided enough light for hunters to collect food

Kali Fillhart, a tarot reader and astrologer, said in a Facebook post that 2020 astrology is over â ?? wonkyâ ???? than just a blue moon for Halloween There’s also a retrograde Mercury that ends on Election Day and a retrograde Mars that ends on Nov. 13 A retrograde describes how a planet can sometimes appear to travel backwards in the sky, states the farmer’s almanac A mercury retrograde has a common cultural association with anxiety related to communication errors and mistakes

– All that to say, astrologers have been talking about 2020 astrology for years, â € “ Fillhart said â ???? We knew it was going to be intenseâ ????

She also said that this full blue moon could cause « unwanted reactions » for people, especially since Halloween is a time when the spiritual veils are falling.

Halloween goes back to the Celtic tradition of Samhain, a festival to celebrate the harvest and usher in the darkest months to come The Celts believed in the ‘veil’ between the living and the dead was at its thinnest around this time, and they celebrated their deceased ancestors, a tradition also observed in Dia de los Muertos

Adding to the alignment of a blue moon, Halloween and astrological events, will be daylight saving time on Sunday, when many Americans turn their clocks back an hour and it gets darker earlier

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While October may have started and ended with a bright full moon, many Americans are anxious about the upcoming election and are facing winter in a pandemic from voters who expect it to be ‘It’s hard to vote has more than tripled since 2018, according to Pew Research Center Eighty-three percent of voters said this election was important Fifty percent of voters shared that sentiment in 2000 One in three Americans reported psychological distress during long periods of social distancing, Pew reported in May

Kashaf Ali, a communications and marketing analysis specialist at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, said in an email that Halloween would be no different for her this year, but she acknowledged that the blue moon was worrying

– I’ve been social distancing since March and I doubt it’s going to be any different this weekend for me, said Ali It’s really something to think about how everything is happening so close to each otherâ ????

Deneen Tyler, a spiritual wellness practitioner from Richmond, said people will face the energy that the blue moon brings this Halloween

Full moons are a time of completion, â ???? Tyler said Now is the time to let go, let go, make peace, honor what we’ve been through and say goodbye to close this chapter and let in something new…

Tyler said this full blue moon will be in the Taurus zodiac sign on Halloween, and many people might find it difficult to say goodbye to different habits and routines, which might apply to the day. of the poll

– We are all collectively dealing with change, hence election, shifting authority in our society, – Tyler said – We resist change and these alignments really show us where we need to release resistanceâ ?? ??

What does our dark side look like? « she said – Halloween is fighting monsters What monsters do we constantly fight every day?

While the moon will be in Taurus on Halloween, it will be in Gemini on election night, opening up new possibilities Tyler said that depending on the choices that individuals face over the election outcome, people may feel « very confused » or â ???? very inspired ???? Ultimately, she said people will have to choose how to direct this emotion

– It’s our choice of how we feed, â ???? Tyler said – You can fuel the confusion and create more, or you can fuel the inspirationâ ????

The last blue Halloween moon in all time zones marked the start of a blue candidate’s victory incumbent Democratic President Franklin D Roosevelt defeated Republican Thomas E Dewey, who wins a historic fourth term in the election from 1944

Tyler said that unlike astronomy that people can witness, astrology happens inside Different factors relating to celestial bodies can influence people in different ways, but individuals have to choose how they react and « the seeds they plant » by themselves

– This moon this weekend and all these high energy, highly spiritual days, all they do is lead the way so that we can choose the way forward ?? she said – It doesn’t tell us what’s going to happen; it doesn’t tell us what to do

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News from the world – United States – The blue moon for Halloween is rare and perfect at the moment



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