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It’s been a long time since we heard about new developments related to Total War: Warhammer II.. Now, ardent fans (and practically everyone on the subreddit Total War) don’t need to wait long; Creative Assembly finally announced their next Lords Pack DLC, The Twisted & The Twilight.

Previously Total War: Warhammer II DLCs followed a certain trend – two Lords of different factions were introduced and they were expected to overcome them during the campaign. We’ve seen Marcus Wolffart vs. Nakai as well as Deathmaster Snatch vs. Malus Darkblade. The last of which, of course, was a confrontation between Eltharion the Grim and Grom the Paunch. Now, The Twisted & features Twilight DLC content for a battle between Throt the Unclean, Sisters of Twilight, Naestra and Arahan..

Throt the Unclean leads Clan Moulder in Total War: Warhammer II – The Twisted & The Twilight. The infamous Mr. Mutator, Lord of Hell, is famous for his cruel and corrupt experiments.

By combining and stitching different body and organ parts, use the unclean character unimaginable in Skaven. Indeed, Ghoritch, his greatest innovation, joined his master. While Ghoritch acts as an army hero, Throt the Unclean forces will also have support from Mutant Rat Ogres, Brood Horrors (Giant Rats), and more..

The other side, meanwhile, has Wood Elf’s long-awaited leaders. The DLC / Wood Elves rework led to much speculation about who the Legendary Lords would be. Now, it has been confirmed that their forces will be led by the Twilight sisters, Nastra and Arahan. The two are an inseparable and extremely lethal duo.

The twins are actually leading a faction known as the Human Ariel. Yes, Ariel, Queen of Ethyl Lauren herself, will act as the hero in the game. Likewise, mighty stag knights, elusive Zoats, and other units support Wood Elf’s armies..

Both of the above factions included in Twisted & Twilight content will be playable in Total War: Warhammer II’s Eye of the Vortex and Mortal Empires campaigns. In addition, Drycha, an FLC leader available to all players, will be released, along with DLC. Moreover, Total Warhammer II – The Twisted & the Twilight brings an old-world update for Wood Elves.. There will be tweaks and improvements to the game mechanics, unit balancing, and other aspects.

Total War: Warhammer II – The Twisted & The Twilight releases December 3 via Steam. Additional information can be found in the DLC’s official FAQ. Finally, you can watch the trailer below to see a glimpse of the event.

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World News – US – Additional Total War: Warhammer II’s content Next adds Throt the Unclean and Sisters of Twilight


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