World News – US – The tomb of Carlo Acutis, a young Italian genius of technology, open for veneration


VATICAN CITY – The tomb of Carlo Acutis, a 15-year-old Italian teenager who used his computer programming skills to spread devotion to the Eucharist, was opened for veneration before his beatification at Assisi A statement released by the Diocese of Assisi Oct 1 says that the tomb will remain open for veneration until October 17 The beatification mass of Acutis will be held on October 10 in the Basilica of St Francis The opening of the tomb was attended of a mass presided over by Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino of AssisiThe diocesan press release quotes Antonia Salzano, Actuis’ mother, saying that she is « delighted that Carlo’s tomb has finally been opened » and that those who have been touched by life of the young adolescent « will be able to see and worship him more strongly and in a more engaging way «  » We hope that through the exhibition of Carlo’s body, the faithful will be able to raise with more fervor and faith their prayers to God who, through Carlo, invites us all to have more faith , hope and love for him and for our brothers and sisters just like Carlo did in his earthly life, ”she says. Photos of the soon-to-beatified teenager’s remains revealed that he had been buried in jeans and a simple track jacket – the outfit he was wearing. he used to wear and this is seen in many photos taken of him during his lifetime Prior to his death from leukemia in 2006, Acutis was an average teenager with an above average talent for computers He put this knowledge to good use by creating an online database of Eucharistic miracles around the world.In his exhortation on young people, “Christus Vivit” (“Christ Lives”), Pope Francis declared that Acutis was a role model for young people today who are often tempted by the traps of “the self. -absorption, isolation and emptiness of pleasure «  » Carlo was well aware that the whole apparatus of communication, advertising and social networking can be used to fall asleep, to make us addicted to consumerism and to buy the latest news from the world. market, obsessed with our free time, caught up in negativity ”, wrote the Pope“ Yet he knew how to use new communication technologies to transmit the Gospel, to communicate values ​​and beauty ”, he said declared

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Carlo Acutis

News from the world – United States – The tomb of Carlo Acutis, a young Italian genius of technology, open for veneration


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