World news – US – Thousands are fleeing as another hurricane threatens the Philippines


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November 11, 2020

Thousands of people were evacuated from their homes in storm-hit areas in the Philippines on Wednesday as the third hurricane approached within several weeks of the country

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Famco was expected to graze Catanduanes Island – which was devastated by Hurricane Goni less than two weeks ago – before it made landfall on the more populous island of Luzon later Wednesday or early Thursday

Damaging winds and torrential rains are expected in parts of central and southern Luzon, according to the state’s weather forecast.

A regional civil defense spokesman, Gremel Alexis Nas, said that about 50,000 people living in the path of the hurricane will be ordered to leave their homes

The Bicol area, which FAMCO will cross as it heads towards Manila, continues to suffer from deadly hurricanes Mulaf and Johnny, which have killed dozens and left thousands of families homeless.

Large areas of the region are still without electricity and with limited or no wireless and telecommunications services only after Hurricane Goni – the strongest hurricane this year – knocked out power lines, destroyed homes and flooded roads

The evacuation effort in Catanduanes has been complicated this time, after Goni destroyed some emergency shelters

“It feels like we’re recovering by one percent and then Ulysses (the Filipino name for FAMCO) is coming,” Catanduanes Governor Joseph Kua told local station ABS-CBN

FAMCO winds can reach a peak of 130-155 kilometers (80-95 miles) per hour before reaching land, according to the weather forecaster.

The typhoon was expected to cause torrential rains in Manila and neighboring provinces as it engulfs the already exhausted country

The meteorological agency also warned of floods, landslides, and storms several meters high along parts of the East Coast and in the capital.

The Philippines is exposed to an average of 20 storms and typhoons every year, which usually wipe out crops, homes and infrastructure, leaving millions of people in perpetual poverty.

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World News – US – Thousands flee as another hurricane threatens the Philippines


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