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Rising to the hype and anticipation was something I thought might be impossible to get past? The Unthinkable Give Chet Holmgren and Emoni Bates the credit for doing the unthinkable and delivering an instant classic that will become one of the most entertaining fights in some time. Holmgren’s Sizzle had a 78-71 win, but what a performance two players were undoubtedly the two best prospects in high school basketball

From start to finish, Holmgren, the 2021 highest-ranked player – yet to decide – and 2022 seeded Bates – who is heading to Michigan – stepped into a clinic for skills, sports and competition

The truth of the matter is that given just how much hype Holmgren and Bates have made over the past year or so, it was nearly impossible to put in a performance good enough to warrant a 17-year-old and 16-year-old could have performed as well as they did On the national television stage, he said the same about their identity as much as the competitors as much as they cared for the talents at both ends of the floor.

In this era, we complain about young stars being spoiled, and their unwillingness to compete, and we complain about them when the going gets tough. The truth is, neither of them does

Let’s start with Holmgren who finished 31 points, 12 rebounds and six blocks simply no other possibility like him in high school basketball I’m not sure I’ve seen one like him in some time in my opinion the only thing I can imagine is that if it was Ralph Sampson has come up in the ranks today instead of almost 40 years I don’t want to hear he’s skinny we all get that but what has never changed is that Holmgren is just as strong as he’s skilled and good as I’ve seen him at protecting the edge in the defensive end he’s an outdoor dog

We spent a lot of time talking about how Betts could not do 1 in this draft and how he’s the best prospect in high school regardless of class Well, I guess it’s time for us to start looking at Holmgren in the same light It’s just good I know there’s still a chance that Holmgren will go to college and programs like Georgetown, Gonzaga, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina and Ohio State among others go but, if he continues to play that way, there will be a lot of money on the table for him to risk the college game. p>

Let’s now talk about Bates while people refer to Holmgren’s lack of bulk as a problem, you can probably view his tendency to settle a lot in deep crossing as something to work on again though, the truth of the matter is that Bates is just as good as he is He was advertised, and it was a safe bet that he would get any areas of his game that needed to be addressed in the loss. Bates went to 36 points and 10 rebounds had it not been for all that Holmgren had done, the whole discussion of how Bates is a terrifying talent as it was said about him

Bates shoots from a distance, deals with the ball like a much younger player, is a capable passer, recovers the ball, and I loved seeing him get off the defensive position and looking to challenge Holmgren every time. An opportunity to do so

Will Bates make his way to Michigan or will he explore pro options? This is something we don’t know the answer to yet, but if he chooses not to go to college, I don’t see how anyone can blame him at this point.

We’ll see more basketball this season and there will be shows that can make us rethink things like ranking and who are the best players regardless of class but at least, Holmgren set high standards and put out shows that will not be forgotten soon

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World News – US – Senior Recruits Chet Holmgren and Emony Bates put on a classic show


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