World News – US – Twitter was the place to be for NBA’s first virtual draft as Woj crushed it


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A strong wireless internet connection was always a requirement of ESPN and all NBA prospects who had been waiting to hear their names called Wednesday night from their homes. But for the rest of us, we should have known that Twitter would be where all the action would happen.

When the NFL ran its default draft in April, the two soccer players were one or two ahead of the TV broadcast at most.. This was not the case Wednesday night as Adrian Wojnarowski used the night to confirm he was the best news anchor in the business..

Athletic’s Shams Sharana kicked things off by breaking their first pick of the night as Timber Wolves went with Anthony Edwards with a win. 1 comprehensive selection. Seconds later, Chris Hines and Woj of Yahoo Sports followed the same news.

But while ESPN’s telecast was discussing Edwards, Woj was already tweeting a couple of selections. He told us James Wiseman was going to the Golden State at No.. 2 and that the LaMelo ball was headed to Charlotte at No.. 3 before Edwards finishes his interview with ESPN’s Malika Andrews.

The TV broadcast did not stand a chance. Woog alerted us that Killian Hayes was going to Detroit at No.. 7 while ESPN was telling us Bulls were taking Patrick Williams on No.. 4.

This is what happens when the network that broadcasts the draft has the best person inside in the game on the payroll. And it’s not as if ESPN didn’t know what they were doing when Woj came on board, since his news-spreading abilities are the reason they signed him, as he used to tweet on pre-televised pre-broadcast picks in his workdays at ESPN’s rival, Yahoo Sports.

According to the Indianapolis Star, two years ago, there was an « agreement » between reporters from ESPN, Turner and Yahoo not to Tweet about the footage prior to broadcast. In the fourth pick, Woj was overrun by her.

Earlier this week, Forbes reported that ESPN will not spoil the selections as « a continuation of past trends in both NBA and NFLs enjoying » protected « broadcasts..

Hopefully this is our last, hypothetical drafts year. But if not, we at least know Twitter will always be around.

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World News – US – Twitter was the place to be for the NBA’s first hypothetical first draft where Woj crushed her
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