World News – US – Tyler The Creator questions his favorite movies and albums


During a recent live broadcast of the Adobe MAX 2020 Creativity Conference, Tyler The Creator revealed a creative video in which he reveals his favorite movies and albums to a very special interviewer: Him – even The interview, which was edited by D’Anthony Hamilton on Adobe Premiere for a discussion of « thought leadership » – a category Tyler is somewhat familiar with, as his pioneering vision behind projects like Odd Future, Loiter Squad and The Jellies !, as well as the innovative art attached to his own music, opened the doors to other DIY successors like Brockhampton

Video from the interview shows Tyler subtly mocking the cultural guardians of hip-hop, adopting some very funk Flex-ish, old-fashioned New York City demeanor to toast himself on movies and albums after browsing a list of New York hip-hop “legends” including Fabolous, Jim Jones and Papoose, “NY Ty” asks “What are your five favorite albums? And I know you’re one of those weird, eclectic dudes who look like ‘Ehhh, Korg’ and all that ‘It definitely reminds of how establishment hip-hop bosses received Tyler on his rise. initial to glory after « Yonkers »

Tyler reveals his five favorite albums include Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP, Erykah Badu’s Mama’s Gun, NERD’s In Search Of… and Pharrell’s In My Mind. He Can’t Find a Fifth Meanwhile, the movies are easier: 20th Century Women, The Hat Cat, Napoleon Dynamite, and Scary Movie 2 are all top of his list He also reveals tips he would give to himself at 18, his favorite places to visit and the artists he would like to work with

Tyler, the Creator

World News – US – Tyler the Creator Questions His Favorite Movies and Albums


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