World News – US – USC soccer player recruitment will return to normal with a highly rated early signing class for 2021


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If Clay Helton ever had a chance to do a winning lap, it was Wednesday.

A year ago, Helton was repeatedly faced with questions about the state of the program and its recruiting future, given a signing class that pale in comparison to USC’s tradition and stature, bottoming out in the Pac-12 and outside the top 50 nationally.

And by the time the early signing phase began on Wednesday, Helton had a number of results that could have been used as confirmation of the patience he preached a year ago: A class of 20 players ranked 11th nationwide. Place occupied, second in Pac-12, with several local marquee engagements and others outside of the state.

But Helton turned down several opportunities to use the class as a benchmark for his tenure as head coach, and faced such questions in order to commend the score of the potential clients who chose to become Trojans.

« Many of these children have been involved for a long time and it speaks to their character and solidity, how they felt about our program and our culture and where we are headed, » said Helton. « I’m very excited about today, but more important than winning the day, it was really about winning championships. « . And these men who walk in are not only talented but also the right one. ”

The Trojans scored a huge win on the day it was signed by securing the engagement of four-star quarterback Jaxson Dart, who picked the Trojans against BYU, UCLA and Arizona State.

Darts, a relative unknown prior to his senior season, led Corner Canyon High to a Utah title with an absurd statistic: a 69. 6% graduation rate for 4th. 691 yards, 67 touchdowns, and four interceptions while playing for 1. 195 yards and 12 touchdowns rush.

Dart joins four-star QB colleague Miller Moss in this class and puts USC in the unusual position of having two blue-chip quarterbacks in one signature crop.

« All they want is a chance to compete, » Helton said, noting that both Moss and Dart have increased the programs they have played for. « You saw that we didn’t sign a quarterback last year, that there was a two-year hiatus, and that there was an opportunity to start at a very young age. « . ”

QB was one of two positions USC targeted for this recruitment cycle that was not considered in the 2020 class. The other was defensive, where USC signed three collateral and two corners.

The group was a credit to USC’s renewed success on the ground: Muir security Calen Bullock, Narbonne security Anthony Beavers, Warren security Xamarion Gordon and Alemany corner Jaylin Smith are all top 30 recruits in California, according to 247Sports. com.

Also a credit to two USC assistants who were known for their recruiting skills over the past year, corner coach Donte Williams and safety coach Craig Naivar.

« The energy and enthusiasm, as well as the work ethic and love of recruiting, weren’t evident until day one, » Helton said of the couple.

Helton was also confident that he had seen the work of USC’s recruiting staff and the resources provided by the Sports Department to assist with recruiting such as:. B.. improved videos and graphics.

« Recruits notice it, » he said. “That’s a big part of it, the morale of our people, combined with the resources that have been made available to us. ”

USC still has vacancies and flashy candidates to do so with. Corona Centennial Defensive End Korey Foreman, the country’s top recruit, will announce his engagement in early January, while five-star defender J.. . T. . Tuimoloau held USC in its top five on Wednesday.

« It was a very good day, » said Helton, « and as I said, hopefully we have continued good days in the near future. ”

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USC 2021 Early Signing Class

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World News – US – USC Football- Recruitment returns to normal with highly rated early signing class for 2021


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