World News – US – ‘Utopia’ is finally coming to Amazon Video: can it live up to the UK original?


After years of development, this ambitious and clever British series – in which a graphic novel predicts future events – has finally arrived in the United States Looking back at Utopia’s journey to the United States

Development hell is a real thing Projects start off strong, then the cogs in Hollywood stop, leaving all parties involved in a limbo from which there is often no escape This month sees the start of an Amazon Prime series that has been in this dark realm for so long, many of us have given up hope of ever seeing it. Let’s learn more about Utopia

Like many shows, Utopia originally aired in Britain, in 2013 Created by writer Dennis Kelly, the plot revolves around a graphic novel called The Utopia Experiments, which according to the faithful, predicted future events This isn’t the most original premise, but what elevated it to must-watch television was how the series leaned hard on the ramifications of a world filled with secret societies and conspiracies. dark

The four fans who take hold of the Utopia Experiments manuscript find themselves in the Network’s sights, but also with an unlikely ally in Jessica Hyde, a woman who has been at the bottom of this mess her entire life The show has courted controversy using real-world events and tragedies as the backdrop for his fiction, and pushed the limits of graphic violence It was difficult, captivating and too beautiful for this world

In addition to the big story, Utopia also boasted a unique and sinister visual style, with palettes built around the traditional cyan, magenta and yellow comic book print colors giving the scenes a pop of a other world A killer soundtrack of warped and warped ambient noise enveloped it in a brilliant arc. UK Channel Four dropped the series after two short seasons, the official explanation being that it was « to make way for new shows « But it wouldn’t be the last we saw from the network

Plans to develop an Americanized version of Utopia began shortly after the launch of the original HBO series took a speech from writer Gillian Flynn and director David Fincher, who had just worked together on the film adaptation of Flynn’s Gone Girl, and Fincher has agreed to helm every episode of the first season, with original creator Dennis Kelly on board to executive produce

HBO was on top of the world in 2014; Game of Thrones was at the peak of its cultural impact, The Leftovers was about to debut, and True Blood had just ended.It was the only network that could push the content envelope in the same way that the british original

But things went off the rails pretty quickly In September 2014, Fox launched a new $ 50 million reality TV series about 15 people isolated in a remote complex, where they would be filmed around the clock and two episodes per week would be broadcast for a full year The name of this show? utopia You would think this is something lawyers would check before signing any deals, but here we are. It wasn’t even the biggest hurdle our series faced

Unfortunately for HBO, Fincher wanted to film the events of the first season in chronological order, to satisfy his well-known thoroughness for visual continuity.There is a reason why TV shows typically don’t do this: c ‘Is Extremely Expensive With Game of Thrones budgets soaring, the network just couldn’t find the extra skyscraper for Utopia, and Fincher walked away from the project

HBO still had the rights, but without Fincher attached to the project, much of the commercial cachet was gone, so (as often happens in the industry) they just sat on it and missed the option

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Between 2014 and today, the home media landscape has completed its pivot to streaming Of course, networks and cable are still a thing, but more and more people are watching shows on their own schedules via services like Netflix and Hulu Amazon, this multi-armed octopus of the digital commerce space, started producing original content in 2015, and shortly thereafter did a play for the rights of Utopia

Although Fincher wasn’t there for the ride, with Mindhunters for Netflix and the upcoming Mank movie taking up her time, Gillian Flynn was still engaged.She stepped into a new role as showrunner, taking responsibility for the overall tone and of the content of the series and supervising the writers and directors After reporting clashes with director Jean-Marc Vallée while making Sharp Objects for HBO, she must have felt ready to take the job.

Amazon was set to approve an eight-episode series with Fincher no longer involved, production began in fall 2018 Filming ended a year later and Amazon announced its first date at San Diego Comic -Con of this year, socially left behind: September 25

One of the absolute best things about Utopia is that it avoids so many of the issues that plague ambitious dramas with big throws and central mysteries It actually answered the questions it asked in such a way both satisfying and easy to follow He did his characters justice, kept them interesting, and his big plot beats felt won, not written to keep the story going. It’s one of the most ambitious and smartest shows I’ve ever watched

The real question is: whether Amazon is going to be able to capture lightning in a bottle and translate it for the American public. In an interview with the Boston Herald, Flynn said it would give the material its own spin. , saying: « There are some things that I took in the UK and some things that I did not do But for me it was always about how we humans feel about violence and how you take it casually or not, I guess « The early buzz is pretty positive, with notable praise for the performance. of Christopher Denham as the malicious Arby

It’s good to see that Flynn and others were convinced enough of utopia to keep the torch lit for over half a decade The original is the kind of show that lodges in your brain and harasses you, especially when real-world events seem to eerily mirror its predictions. With a plot centered around a global pandemic, there might not be a better time for this show to make its way to a new audience. Just be careful what you read

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World News – US – ‘Utopia’ is finally coming to Amazon Video: Can it live up to the UK original?


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