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Writer-director Justin Simien explains how he created a music video in a movie reminiscent of Janet Jackson-style music videos

– Hi, I’m Justin Simien I wrote and directed â ???? Bad Hairune ???? So here we are at Culture TV, which is a music video television network in 1989 They are the black alternative to RMV, which mainly plays rock and pop music And Anna Bludso, played by Elle Lorraine, is an assistant there, but she has what it takes to be a host and producer, if only the people in her work would give her the chancea???? – We had a striking exclusive of Princess of Pop Soul, – I Get It, – by Sandraune ???? One of the things that I found in my research was that 1989 was a pivotal year in the history of weaving It was a year when it really started to explode in terms of a consumer product for black women Sandra, played by Kelly Rowlandâ ???? she is a fusion of Janet Jackson, Jody Watley, Karen White This kind of black pop star who embraced urban black culture, especially with the sound of the new jack swing, but tried to be a pop star at the same time In many ways, Sandra is an analogy of what Anna is also trying to do as ???? – (SINGING) The ones you think about… – Huh, that must be glued Or a really good relaxer, maybe ???? at ???? Which is to hold on to herself as much as possible, but also to be successful in the world and find success outside of her small community We had a choreographer Her name is Jamila Glass She and I went to high school together What I love about Jamila is that she understands that the camera takes part in the choreography as well The movements of the camera have to be in sync with the dance, so we had a great time putting that together Part of that was the location We found this amazing house that felt like it was stuck in 1989 And then the rest was just watching a lot of music videos from the time, taking the resources we had and figuring out what they needed. would have done in 1989 if they had had this house, this lighting equipment, this dance, these costumes? What would they do? And that’s what we did And I have to say that until we got to some of the craziest kills, this was probably the most fun everyone had on set? at ???? I understand, OK? at ????

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Yes, writer and director Justin Simien’s new horror flick Bad Hair, â ???? speaks of a killer weave But it takes time to bathe not only in blood, but also in nostalgia

The film (streaming on Hulu) is set in 1989 and follows Anna (Elle Lorraine), an employee of a black music network called Culture TV In this scene, one of Culture’s shows features a new clip exclusive for the song « I Get It, » by pop star Sandra This musician is played by Kelly Rowland, who performs the vocals for the song (written by Simien) while Anna and her colleagues watch the video on a monitor on the plateau, they are struck by Sandra’s latest look, a new, flowing weave that bounces with every beat

The scene cuts between the action in Culture studio and the music video itself, a throwback to Janet Jackson’s pop aesthetic and a tribute to the new style of jack swing music

In his narration, Simien explains what it took to recreate the look of an 80s music video and how he made sure the camera work matched the dynamic choreography

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Bad Hair

World News – US – Watch Kelly Rowland play an 80s pop star in Bad Hair


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