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World News – US – What Netflix Is Leaving In December 2020: « The West Wing », « The Office » and More

. . Some of the most popular Netflix binge shows like "The Office" and "The West Wing" leave the platform in December, along with a number of other titles.

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The start of a new month signals the final change in the movies and TV shows available for streaming on Netflix, but December isn’t just any month. It’s the last month of the year, which means many license agreements are expiring. Below is a long list of movie and TV titles.

A lot of the titles that people got used to on Netflix are going now. The office, which may have become the standard « Netflix clock » referenced in countless dating app profiles, is finally saying goodbye to its time on the platform and making its way to the exclusive domain of NBC’s own streaming App, Peacock. Other popular multi-year binge watches like The West Wing and Gossip Girl are also departing. If you haven’t completed any of these series (or big movie franchises like Indiana Jones and Back to the Future), make the most of the vacation time!

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World News – USA – What is leaving Netflix in December 2020: « The West Wing », « The Office » and more
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