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In a game featuring two of the league’s best defenses, the Los Angeles Rams stood strong, while the Chicago Bears were simply exhausted Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey and the Rams D were held the bears in check and Jared Goff and the MOON the offense finally got the upper hand This added to an impressive 24-10 Rams win over the Bears in Monday Night Football

1) Two of the top seven defenses met on a Monday night It wasn’t always pretty and this type of football rarely is It was a well-played, hard-hitting defense – until the Rams wore out The Bears and Take Over Two seasons ago when these franchises met in the regular season, it was the Bears ‘dominant defense that founded the Rams’ top offense. While the D Bears are still strong, it isn’t the monstrous entity it was then, and now, more than ever, the Rams have become a team run by their defense. This was reflected in a dominating and emphatic Los Angeles win over an outmatched Chicago team Jalen Ramsey had one of his team’s two interceptions and turned into a physically dominant out, while Aaron Donald was his usual phenomenal self They led and the defense was formidable overall, holding the Bears to no offensive touchdowns, totaling four sacks (including two from former Bear Leonard Floyd) and allowing less than 300 total yards. Chicago’s offense looked as troubled as advertised, but it was amplified against such a stellar defensive unit It wasn’t the Rams (5-2) who went to the Super Bowl, they are a different team in makeup and the approach But, all the same, LUNE is back among the best teams in the NFC

2) For six weeks the Bears were that team They were winning, but there were a lot more skeptics than believers when it came to the record and what to expect at the end of the season They found a way to win, they found a 5-1 way, their defense not as fierce as it had been, but still in the lead The offense was embarrassing, but the wins were coming and the improvement too Regardless of how it happened, Chicago was in first place in NFC North And then, under the bright prime-time microscope, they were exposed Against an attack that can figure out how to score just enough points, the Bears defense doesn’t can no longer win on its own And against a good defense such as the Rams have, the simple replacement of Mitchell Trubisky by Nick Foles did not evoke further success Regardless of their record, the Bears (5-2) have plenty of issues and simply waiting for the time until the offense improves and recovers won’t work It was obvious to everyone in the NFL to see Monday night

3) In many ways, it was a seven-game, 55-yard practice that lasted just 2 minutes 21 seconds that took the soul of the bear defense Eddie Jackson was injured during a non-contact play And then Malcom Brown pushed the Bears’ defense 12 yards past the Chicago 1, pushing the stack and a host of Chicago defensemen, dashing their hopes along the way On the play that followed, Brown smashed into a defenseman on his way to a strong six points which led to a 17-3 lead halfway through the third which could just as easily have been 50 points with how this match was taking place Jackson came back and scored a TD for the Bears and there was at least a flirtation that something could happen, but not really It was Aries night in different ways The Bears defense held up so long with their offense doing nothing in return And on this record, Brown pulverized them and made it known that a win was LUNE’s – even with over a quarter to go

4) Not too long ago, Sean McVay was the new offensive genius of the neighborhood And then in case this is an NFL season, the brilliance was low As long as the numbers, pomp and circumstance remain, McVay’s creativity is still alive and well Needing to bounce back from a loss to the 49ers and a very good defense from the Bears on Monday, Jared Goff was efficient, hitting 23 of 33 passes for 219 yards and two touchdowns Goff passed through to seven receivers Five rams had carried The offense was moving at a breakneck pace, it was balanced over 150 yards on the ground and over 200 in the air There’s a new identity with this squad Rams and it’s defense.But McVay always finds ways to make his offense work and while it wasn’t that entity of merriment and wonder that captured our imaginations a few seasons ago, the Rams were the 10th overall offensive to come and did very well against a formidable defensive opponent McVay is still one of the brightest offensive minds in the league, although he’s not overwhelmed by the praise he once was

5) Before this game dissolved into a Rams blowout, it was a defensive back and forth slobber-knocker in which position on the pitch was of the greatest consequence And despite the unbalanced outcome, punters on each team were terrific Bear kicker Pat O’Donnell averaged a solid 476 yards on five punts with two inside the 20 But Johnny Hekker grabbed attention as punters so rarely do Les Hekker’s five punts have all taken home at or inside opponents 10, including one who put the Bears on their 1-yard line and another – just after the Bears reduced the score to 24-10 – who ‘he climbed 63 yards at 6 Hekker is one of the few punters in the league who you feel is really a part of the team, one of his personalities And on Monday he played a part central as a tight game turned into a one-sided game

6) In the wake of a wrestling rookie season, David Montgomery proclaimed ahead of his second season that it would be a big improvement and production as the offensive struggles continue and the position of quarterback is still in the center, it’s time to face the reality that the running back position – a legendary position for the Bears – is lacking Montgomery entered Monday after running less than 60 yards in four straight games (Spoiler alert: he’s five now) and averaging 37 yards per carry per year, exactly what he did in 2019 at the end of first half the Bears had just 20 yards rushing, 19 from Montgomery in seven runs At the end of the night, the Bears were only 49 yards from the ground, 48 from Montgomery over 14 runs At the moment , bears don’t run anywhere

7) Bears rookie tight end Cole Kmet pulled off a nice 50-50 Foles attack to briefly wake up the Bears’ attack from his first-half hibernation He came after the score d Rams opening and 38-yard gain seemed like it could ignite something Instead, he serves as a bear glow on a night when there were very few highlights for a team that had no first-round pick in 2020, cornerback Jaylon Johnson is having a great first season and Kmet is getting back in shape On a night where there wasn’t much to be excited about for the Bears, there is something to look forward to with a pair of second-round rookies. p>

Having a bad night against a top notch defense is one thing, but the Bears’ offense showed something much more unsettling in Monday night’s 24-10 loss to the Rams

Raising praise from head coach Sean McVay and DL Aaron Donald, Rams punter Johnny Hekker had five punts that pinned the Bears at the 10-yard line or more

With Dallas sitting at 2-5 and no clear signs of improvement to come, the Cowboys have made it known that Griffen is commercially available, NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport reported Monday, according to a source briefed on. the situation

Arizona running back Kenyan Drake suffered a sprained ankle in Arizona’s Sunday night win over the Seahawks and is set to miss a few weeks, reported Ian Rapoport, an NFL Network insider

Dallas lost ugly again on Sunday, meaning the Jones family would be asked about their opinion on their brand new coaching staff
The question came to Stephen Jones on Monday, who stood firm in his belief in Mike McCarthy

For Christian McCaffrey to return to Week 8, RB will need to convince Panthers coaches that he can try
Ian Rapoport reports that CMC is considered a game from afar to play Thursday against the Hawks Yet the Panthers haven’t ruled it out

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The Browns were expecting bad news regarding Odell Beckham’s knee and they received it on Monday OBJ suffered an ACL tear and will miss the rest of the season, report Ian Rapoport and Kim Jones

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo says it was a cool week to be able to join his former team and hand Bill Belichick his worst home loss as Patriots coach

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