World News – US – Who will win the Champions League in 2020/21?


The Champions League is one of the most popular international tournaments in the world of sports Hundreds of millions of people log in to watch every game cheering on their favorite club The best soccer teams in the world compete here, so you can imagine the level of the competition and how difficult it is to win it

CL is so popular that it has even managed to influence other industries One of the most notable is the online casino industry How? Research has shown that football fans are more than willing to bet their money and have fun at casino sites They have great games and will keep you entertained to the max So game providers started to provide casinos online various football themed games You can find these games on sites like https: // wwwcasimbacom / en-gb /

The start of the new season has given us a glimpse that the competition in CL will be fierce and fun to watch But which teams are considered the biggest favorites to win it? Let’s take a look at our top 3 contenders

It goes without saying that Manchester City are among the best teams in the world Pep’s boys have created the perfect team harmony and their style of play is both beautiful to watch and deadly for the opponents But the lack of experience in the round of 16 may be the reason they haven’t been able to reach the final in the past two years. This season City have bought a few better players and Pep is more determined than ever to get his hands on this trophy

Then we have probably the best Liverpool side in team history Klopp’s boys are ridiculously fast, talented and it’s next to impossible to win a game against them Although they had a start in tough season – they suffered a major loss in their home league, and now Virgil van Dijk has suffered a terrible injury, they might struggle a bit more, but we have no doubt that they will be fierce opponents and among the best competitors to win the CL

Finally, our best contender is the winner of the last season – Bayern Munich If we can use one word to describe this team, it’s relentless They show no mercy to any club and they are more than happy to dismantle them and make sure they concede as many goals as possible The 8-2 win over Barcelona is a perfect example of this.Also they have one of the fiercest strikers in the world right now – Robert Lewandowski It will be difficult to stop them and we are almost convinced that they will succeed in win the CL 2 years in a row

Some other teams to watch are PSG, Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and Juventus All of these teams are well put together and could pose a threat to the top three contenders we mentioned above

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World news – United States – Who will win the Champions League in 2020/21?


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