World News – US – WWE Hell in a Cell 2020: Live Updates, Results & Match Notes


After an excellent match at SummerSlam and an astounding match at Clash of Champions, Randy Orton will challenge for the WWE Championship from Drew McIntyre for a third time at Sunday’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view As you can probably guess it, it will be inside the Hell in a Cell cage

This is one of three championship fights to take place inside the cell Romain Reigns will defend his Universal Championship against Jey Uso, another Clash of Champions rematch, in a Hell in a Cell match. I Quit, and Sasha Banks seek revenge against Bayley, whose SmackDown Women’s Championship is on the line, inside the cell as well

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The Miz pinned Otis after Tucker betrayed his Heavy Machinery team partner Otis crushed Otis in the head with the briefcase while the ref was not looking, Miz pinning Otis immediately after

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The match leading up to this moment was under-middle Miz’s offense is generally weak, and that’s made more evident when you’re meant to take him seriously against a much taller opponent. John Morrison, Miz’s partner, intervened at various times and was kicked out moments before Tucker’s betrayal

It was a shock when Otis won the briefcase, more so once Roman Reigns became champion It’s hard to imagine a long run between Reigns and Otis, a little easier to see Reigns defeat a tough Miz

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The fact that Miz won this match makes the build cute, which was primarily a comedy skit starring JBL to judge an argument between Miz and Otis, all the more infuriating

Well @JEFFHARDYBRAND just played his own song on the back of @IAmEliasWWE so Elias takes the DQ victory! #HIAC picTwittercom / VApCmwIrwg

After an OK match, Hardy hit a Twist of Fate on Elias He went to get a Swanton Bomb but Elias got out of the ring and tried to attack Hardy with his guitar Hardy blocked him, took the guitar and smashed her onto Elias’ back, leading to an informal DQ

Hell in an open cell with Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso, an I Quit match in a cell cage After a long and dramatic fight, Reigns made Jey say « I Quit » when Reigns locked a guillotine on the brother Jey’s twin, Jimmy

This match was very similar to their clash of Champions It started with a fantastic back-and-forth (different from their Clash match, which was almost all Reigns), then slowed down for the home stretch. Reigns had harpooned Jey three times and locked onto a guillotine, after which Jey was largely still.When Jey refused to leave, Reigns hit a Driveby dropkick on the steel steps, which crashed into Jey’s head

Reigns took the steel steps and put them on top of Jey, telling him to stop When Jey, who was basically dead, refused, Jimmy entered the cage (defeating the goal of having a cage) and begged him to stop Reigns acted contrite and shook Jimmy’s hand – before locking a guillotine, which led Jey to leave to save Jimmy

The dynamic action of the first two-thirds of the fight was excellent Reigns is a fierce heel, and Jey’s attack as the underdog babyface is fantastic.The dramatic climax came when Jey pulled out a strap and started to suffocate Reigns, who began to pass out Ultimately, it would be Reigns’ guillotine choke moments later that would end Jey

Rating: 35 stars very good The storyline was almost identical in concept and execution to that of last month’s game which made it less effective The last third, where Jey was dead and Reigns was trying to send him an « I Quit », could also have been cut by a few minutes. But the action underway was excellent

R-Truth defended their championship 24/7 at the Kickoff Show, taking on challenger Drew Gulak Truth pinned Gulak in a short match to retain his title

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World News – United States – WWE Hell in a Cell 2020: Live updates, results and match notes



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