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The 2021 Pro Bowl rosters have appeared! Unfortunately, as always, some deserving players didn’t make the cut. Nick Shook counts the 10 biggest snubs:

Sacks are an incomplete statistic when used to evaluate a player’s performance – especially critical – but Hendrickson’s league high 12. 5 sacks (tied with Aaron Donald) should never be overlooked. This is a great example of how often reputation influences Pro Bowl selections too, considering Hendrickson’s teammate Cameron Jordan made the Pro Bowl while lagging his teammate in every major category of pass rushing. Hendrickson was better in sacks than Jordan (12. 5 to 6. 5), faults (54 to 38), pressure percentage (16 to 8). 1) Turnovers through pressure (2 to 1) and rush (35 to 20). Jordan only beat him in one key category: Run Stuffs (10 to 6). There’s no reason Hendrickson shouldn’t be on this list and we could fix the problem simply by swapping teammates. We could also use Hendrickson through Philadelphia’s Brandon Graham.

Cunningham has been an underrated defender for a number of years and he’s well on his way to posting his best season yet. Even so, he still can’t get the recognition he deserves despite leading the league in tackles (137) and adding three sacks and two passes to his stats. An essential part of this process – identifying snubs – is determining if the topic in question had a better case for a roster slot than those who created it. And frankly, it’s difficult to make that argument against any of the selected AFC midfielders – Buffalo’s Tremaine Edmunds and Indianapolis’ Darius Leonard – so we’re going to attribute that argument to a lack of available posts. Sometimes it’s a numbers game and well-deserved guys tend to lose – even when their stats are among the best in the league.

It’s pretty easy to find exactly where Tonyan should be on this Pro Bowl list. Giant Evan Engram’s close end made the team, despite only having one air touchdown this season (he also hit the ground once). . When we arrange all of the statistics lines for comparison, it’s easy to see who should be there. Tonyan has hit 49 of his 55 goals this season for 551 yards (11). 2 yards per reception) and 10 touchdowns, while Engram posted a series of 54 receptions (on 95 targets) for 572 yards (10). 6 per reception) and a score. We don’t have to spend any more time doing it.

White also fell victim to the numbers game. San Francisco’s Fred Warner deserves to be chosen as one of the best (and most versatile) defenders in the league in the Pro Bowl. Meanwhile, Seattle’s Bobby Wagner is a future Hall of Famer who is having another very solid season, but it’s questionable whether they’ll put him on that list over white if their statistical lines are similar, as is their teams’ respective rankings in the playoff hunt. They have almost exactly the same number of tackles, but White also registered a whopping eight sacks (Wagner has three). . White has a slight lead in QB hits over Wagner (13 to 11), while Wagner defended twice as many passes (8-4). . Reputation is important and gives Wagner the edge, but White has a compelling argument for the spot and would be a ban if we had a third inside linebacker slot.

Quarterback is another position constrained by the numbers game, but Tannehill is on his heels for Houston’s Deshaun Watson for third QB spot on the AFC roster. The two have nearly identical passer-by ratings, while Tannehill is one of only six passers-by with more than 30 touchdowns at this stage of the season. Of those six, only one other quarterback failed the Pro Bowl: Tampa Bay’s Tom Brady, who also has a solid case for an NFC offering, despite Kyler Murray’s double-threat explosiveness pushing him into last place in a loaded QB room. Tannehill is well worth the $ 118 million extension he signed during the off-season, and he’s on the verge of becoming a Pro Bowler a year after his stint in Orlando.

Offensive lines are difficult to quantify because not many statistics are used to prove how effective a blocker is unless we negatively skew and highlight allowable sacks or pressures. However, when we evaluate empirically, it’s impossible to overlook Teller’s massive 2020 jump. The earlier round five pick has been consistently dominant this season, especially in the game in progress where he often pinpoints his target and drives him out of the game, leaving plenty of room to run for Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt who still have it a slight chance of landing as the league’s first dual 1000-yard rusher in a decade. His band is fantastic, his year-to-year leap has been remarkable – Teller is a great example of Bill Callahan’s influence on an offensive line. If we have yet to define his performance statistically, we can turn to Pro Football Focus, who rates Teller as the best guard in the league. Teller’s teammate Joel Bitonio ranks third among all guards according to PFF and has just made his third Pro Bowl. Teller should be on the AFC line with him, and we can swap him with Pittsburgh’s David DeCastro if we need to identify a place for Teller.

There wasn’t much to party in Duval County this year, but this naughty rookie from the state of Illinois was a revelation. Jacksonville gave Robinson the job just days before the opening weekend and he didn’t disappoint to currently stand as one of just three rushers to win 1. Cracking 000 yards in the NFL. Robinson averages a healthy 4. 5 yards per carry and also caught 49 passes for 344 yards and three extra points. If we’re looking for someone Robinson can replace, we swap out Josh Jacobs of Las Vegas, who averages less than 4 yards per carry on 245 tries. The only moderate blow to Robinson is his quick touchdown total, which comes in at seven but isn’t an indictment of his performance either. In an offensive where three different quarterbacks took starting snaps, it’s fair to get the touchdown sum out of the small amount of criticism.

Reputation once again influenced interior decorator choices on the AFC side, where Williams was left out while veteran and well-known favorite of most Calais Campbell received another Pro Bowl nod. Campbell started on a Pro Bowl course in 2020 but has struggled to stay healthy and his numbers have suffered. Williams has now become a force inside the fighting jets, having amassed 53 tackles (10 for loss), seven sacks, three passes defended, two forced fumbles and 14 QB hits. Compare that to Campbell’s stats – 25 tackles (five for the loss), four sacks, six passes defended, zero forced fiddling, 10 QB hits – and it’s fair to replace him with the youngster. Another number for Williams comes from Next Gen Stats Land: The sophomore year-old defender is one of the best run-stuffs in the league at 15 and has a stuff percentage of 7. 1. Campbell has five with a percentage of 4. 5, along with 18 QB pressures and 24 faults. Williams has almost twice as many QB pressures (32) and 33 faults. Let’s let the next generation in the door.

To be honest, the four NFC receivers – Davante Adams, DeAndre Hopkins, DK Metcalf, and rookie Justin Jefferson – all deserve Pro Bowl glitz. Even so, Ridley is statistically on par with Jefferson (or better than Jefferson) in most reception statistics. Ridley leads Jefferson by 10 yards but averages 0. 7 meters less per reception. Ridley has scored two more touchdowns than Jefferson (nine to seven) in one less game this season. We won’t be spending much time here because Jefferson deserves the honor – it’s just Ridley, too.

Let’s do another teammate change while we are here. Jason Pierre-Paul made the list with a strong 2020, posting 9. 5 sacks, four forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, two interceptions, 48 ​​tackles, and 12 quarterback hits. Barrett now has eight sacks, two forced fiddles (no recoveries), no interceptions, 52 tackles and 15 quarterback hits. Based on this comparison, Pierre-Paul should get the nod, but as we’ve noted above and countless times before, sacks are an incomplete statistic. A deeper dive into advanced pressure metrics shows who really has a bigger impact per game, and it’s Barrett who ranks third in the NFL in disruption at 64 and second in the league in sales caused by QB pressure will (six). . Pierre-Paul is low on the list at 29 for malfunctions, despite still having a respectable three sales generated by pressure. Pierre-Paul does the highlight game, but Barrett makes the more consistent effect; While this resulted in a pretty stark duo in Tampa, it may have given us the wrong pro bowler out of the pair.

Also includes: Robby Anderson, WR, Carolina Panthers; Jessie Bates, S.. , Cincinnati Bengals; Brian Burns, DE, Carolina Panthers; Justin Herbert, QB, Los Angeles Chargers; J. . C.. . Jackson, CB, New England Patriots; Ronald Jones, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Ali Marpet, OG, Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Emmanuel Ogbah, DE, Miami Dolphins; Denzel Ward, CB, Cleveland Browns.

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World News – US – 2021 NFL Pro Bowl Snubs: Trey Hendrickson, Ryan Tannehill among 10 players who deserved the honor


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