World News – USA – 21 injured in explosion in BGE building in Baltimore, partial roof collapse


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BALTIMORE (WJZ) – At least 21 people were rushed to area hospitals after an explosion was reported in the Baltimore Gas & Electric building in downtown Baltimore early Wednesday morning.

Eyewitnesses say they heard and felt a large explosion just before 8:30 a.m.. m. Then they saw scaffolding fall from the building on the 100 block on West Fayette Street.

Baltimore Fire says that of those transported, 10 were seriously injured, nine are critical, and one is in serious condition. There is also a partial roof collapse on the building.

Two contractors cleaning the building’s windows clung to the remaining scaffolding on the Lexington Street side of the building for about 30 minutes. They were later rescued by the fire brigade’s special operations team. and 11. On the 1st floor a window broke and the men pulled through. A total of 23 people were rescued from the building.

Firefighters are currently working floor to floor evacuating the building and making sure no other people are inside.

Blast Update: A total of 23 victims were rescued from the blast in the 100 block area of ​​W. Fayette St.. . 21 of the victims were transported to hospitals in the area. & 2 victims refused. # BCFD members continue to search the building. The cause is still being investigated. picture. Twitter. com / STKTnArlS1

The good news is that most of the building was empty due to the upcoming holidays and the pandemic.

BGE said construction was ongoing on the building’s ventilation and boiler system and that this is likely to have caused the incident.

On Wednesday, December. On 23, a structural incident occurred at BGE’s offices at 2 Center Plaza in downtown Baltimore. There was construction work being carried out on the building’s air handling and boiler system, which likely caused the incident. As a result of this incident, three people were treated for non-life threatening injuries. The building was largely empty due to the upcoming holidays and the pandemic. The window washing scaffold was compromised as a result of the incident and a window washing crew was brought to safety by the fire department. Fire brigade and BGE crews are on site.

When the explosion happened, it blew out some windows. An eyewitness told WJZ’s Annie Rose Ramos that he was walking in the area when he heard and felt the explosion. He said the ground shook under him and he could see smoke in the air.

« I was walking past the Radisson [hotel] on this side of the street and the glass on the building was shaking and it was booming, » said eyewitness Roger Lewis, « and I didn’t know what it was. And we saw rubble over there falling across the street. ”

#BREAKING: A rescue is under way to help window cleaners stuck on the side of the BGE building. Several eyewitnesses say they heard a big explosion just before the scaffolding fell … more to come @Wjz pic. Twitter. com / l0GMk3ks6O

WJZ saw several people being brought out of the building on stretchers. Two of the injured were treated on site for burns before being rushed to an area hospital.

PLEXPLOSION WITH RESCUE💥39 W Lexington St 21201 # DowntownBaltimore @ DowntownBalt @ CouncilmanETC # BCFDR1 reports evidence of an explosion on Floor 16 with 2 workers trapped in the scaffolding. #BCFDSOC on the way to save them. #BCFDEMS treated 2 people on the ground with burns. picture. Twitter. com / vs7rNGMKCM

Roads have been closed in the area and motorists are being asked to choose alternative routes.

There is a report of a fire explosion at 110 W Fayette. Motorists are encouraged to avoid this area and use alternative routes in this part of the city center. @ BaltimoreFire is there.

Chief Niles Ford said the crews would do this methodically and slowly to ensure that the scaffolding was safely removed.

Since 8:30 am, # BCFD members have been staying in W’s 100blk during the explosion. . Fayette St.. . So far 23 victims have been rescued from the building, 21 of the victims who were transported to the local & 2 hospitals refused. As members continue their search, the cause continues to be investigated. picture. Twitter. com / AnKAYp8RxP

Investigation of the explosion continues. ATF Baltimore and the State Firefighter’s Office are working with the City Fire and Baltimore Police Department on the incident.

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World News – USA – 21 injured in explosion in the BGE building in Baltimore, partial roof collapse


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