World News – USA – Adolfo Quiños AKA Shabba Doo died in the 1980s with Classic Breakin


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The year has been especially brutal for those in the huge hip hop community, and if the latest news is indeed true, it will add to that balance sheet. Adolfo Quiños, best known as break dancer Shabba Doo, is reported to have died, but a recent Wikipedia entry says otherwise.

According to a Facebook post by Toni Basil, co-founder of The Lockers, Quiños reportedly passed away just a day after Shabba Doo announced on social media that he was feeling better after battling an illness.

“It is with the greatest sadness that the Lockers family announces the unexpected death of our beloved Adolfo Shabba-doo-Quinone. In this difficult time we demand « privacy » « , read Basil’s contribution.

However, a quick look at Shabba Doo’s Wikipedia page reveals that the legendary dancer and actor is « very much alive ». ”

Quiñons became a household name because of the classic Breakin ’and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo from the 1980s.

We’re reaching out to staff and other related sources for confirmation. As this story develops, we will return with updates.

UPDATE: The death of Adolfo Quiños AKA Shabba Doo has been confirmed by the family and it appears that he was found unresponsive today (December) by a roommate. 20) just a day after posting on Facebook that he was recovering from a bad cold.

That devastating blow got even more shocking after Lupe Fiasco and Royce mentioned Da 5’9 on a recent episode of their joint podcast starring Tom Frank Shabba Doo’s character Ozone.

All my heart is broken. ð ???? © you were my whole childhood. I had your number but never called because I didn’t even know what to say. Thank you for everything. RIP Shabba Doo ð ?????? picture. Twitter. com / yjcxXQYbqG

I just heard that I lost another friend Shabba. A great hip hop dancer. We toured with Lionel Richie in 1983. Gosh, rest in peace, my brother. @officialshabbadoo @Shabba_Doo picture. Twitter. com / YntRWT1t55

Damn it, Shabba Doo. REST IN PEACE. It’s so sad to see so many of our basic dancers passed away this year. picture. Twitter. com / K2ZBT5rYKk

Looks like 2020 decided to give us one last fuck you. before the New Years weekend. I just got confirmation from @Toni_Basil that Shabba Doo passed away at the age of 65. #RIPShabbaDoo https: // t. co / OOvhLSSEBB Fig. Twitter. com / IQPuIL5Kfh

RIP Shabbadoo !!! This hip-hop break dancer appeared in the 1974 hip-hop movie #Breakin and Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo. Prayers and condolences to the family! Man!!! â ?? ¤ï¸ ?? ð ?????? ð ???? ½ #Shabbadoo #ImAPioneer pic. Twitter. com / FEQq5YytIv

We just learned of Shabba Doo’s death. Our prayers and thoughts go with his family and friends. His influence in this dance community from breakin films as an ozone to the underground scene has blessed so many #RIPShabbaDoo images. Twitter. com / 5EEIWhx8Zp

Wow, we literally talked last week and after our conversation he couldn’t stop praising our work and how proud he was of us and thanking us for honoring him at our exhibition. Woww that’s shocking to say the least, today are we going to praise and honor you? RIP Shabbadoo ð ?????? ð ???? ¾ https: // t. co / 3mhkBxuIF6

Hearing reports that Shabba Doo has passed away. He played « Breakin » in both. Movies released in the 80s that played the character Ozone. His death is unknown, but he said he did Covid in a recent social media post. Rest in power ð ?????? ð ???? ¾ pic. Twitter. com / RZr6tFjlrq

R. . I. P. . Shabba Doo, a KING of dancing. One of the main reasons I started dancing. I watched Breakin 1 and 2 all day every day and studied. picture. Twitter. com / EAQ0yGbwXf

When my mom first introduced me to « Breakin ‘ » me in the early 1980s, my seven-year-old didn’t quite understand what I was seeing (other than all the cool breaking scenes, of course), but even then knew it was important to RIP Shabba Doo picture. Twitter. com / 3KeCIMla0f

Our favorite hangout was « Simply Wholesome » in LA, where we shared great laughs and priceless gossip and mutual respect from &. R.. . I. P. . my friend @Shabba_Doo aka Shabb ð ?????? ð ?????? ð ?????? ð ???? ½ð ???? pic. Twitter. com / Ku0FwdRif9

man. I can’t believe @Shabba_Doo Adolfo Quiños is gone. . . . . . 2020 can fuck all the way. . . . . The man’s legacy is an indisputable image. Twitter. com / aVG2pjeW6p

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World News – USA – Adolfo Quiños AKA Shabba Doo has died, starring In the 1980’s Classic Breakin ‘


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