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Allegations, allegations of abuse, and multiple controversies have plagued rapper R.. Kelly for years. During all of the legal troubles and problems of R. . Kelly has surrendered, many fans have often wondered how his ex-wife Andrea Kelly felt about all of this.

According to Andrea Kelly herself, R. . Kelly’s alleged victims aren’t the only ones mistreated by his hands. She stated that during and even after her marriage, R. . Kelly abused her. So, after her painful relationship with R. . Kelly, did she ever remarry?

After her divorce from R. . Kelly was finished in 2009, Andrea decided to try again with another R&B singer. In 2014 she married Brian McKee. However, the couple divorced after only two months of marriage.

After the divorce hit the headlines, Andrea went to her Twitter account to reassure fans that if she wasn’t worried about the split, then they shouldn’t be. She wrote, « If I don’t take it personally, why everyone? I’m in a good place, please leave me there . . . BOOM! She (like me) has given everything she can to make people die . . . Let it die! And in other news . . . CHECK YA has moved to EMAIL! « 

Brian McKee is said to be dating Love & hip hop Atlanta star Momma Dee. It has also been speculated that the two were dating while he and Andrea were still married.

Brian later admitted that he and Andrea may have moved too fast in their relationship. The couple were actually married just six days after meeting at an airport. « We got married in my sister’s house. If I had to do it all over again, I would probably have dated her a little longer . . . and got a chance to clean up some things in my life . . . She goes her way and I went my way and I wish her all the best. Hopefully she wishes me all the best, « he said. « I pray that God will heal your heart and keep it moving. « 

Andrea Kelly joked that her buddy Sheree Zampino, who was married to Will Smith, had a divorce that was more like Disney Channel, while Andrea was more like an American horror story.

Andrea will appear in the VH1 specials Hollywood Exes: Reunited, in which she talks at length about her life with R.. Kelly. While the time he spent as his wife wasn’t ideal for Andrea, she thanks for what the relationship has brought: their three children.

« I didn’t have a nice transition, » she told Fox News. “But when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. And I didn’t stop at lemonade . . . You make the most of what it is because at the end of the day, no matter what happened between my children’s dad and me, I have the best part of him: I have three beautiful children from this marriage. I got the best of everything we had together. ”

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World news – USA – Andrea Kelly has been remarried and divorced since her separation from R.. Kelly
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R. . Kelly&’s ex-wife describes married life with the star as & # 39; Lonely& # 39; Experience
Andrea Kelly has been remarried and divorced since she split from R.. Kelly
R. . Kelly&’s ex-wife Drea Kelly says she was married – but she was never actually a & # 39; Wife& # 39;

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