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After years of potential and fan hype, Egyptian pro bodybuilder Big Ramy finally got the Mr.. . Olympia 2020. After a hard-fought battle between four menacing professional bodybuilders, Ramy stood above the others as the champion.

Mamdouh Elssbiay, better known as Big Ramy, was a fan favorite to win the Mr.. . Olympia for years. True to its name, it brings a level of size that even today’s best professional bodybuilders can barely see. Because of his size, some fans even hoped that he would come for the second time from Ronnie Coleman.

Big Ramy was the culmination of a growing bodybuilding mecca from Kuwait. Although Ramy was originally from Egypt, he moved to Kuwait to train at the Oxygen Gym – a place known for turning professionals into massive titans. Over the years, many professional bodybuilders temporarily moved to Kuwait to restart their training. This concluded Mr.. . Olympic 2019 champion Brandon Curry.

But the initial hype behind Big Ramy didn’t take effect immediately. Every year Ramy showed bigger and bigger muscles as he prepared for the competition. But with each passing year he would come up short. Above all, his conditioning was often criticized as the reason that he could not achieve an Olympic victory. As of today, that has changed.

Big Ramy’s first Mr.. . The Olympic competition took place in 2013. He placed eight just a few notches under the top 6 highlights. But even with the lower ranking, he immediately turned his heads. His mammoth size was hardly to be seen in the current harvest of the competitors. It didn’t take long for the hype train to build up steam. The fans screamed – will he become a reigning powerhouse champion in time?

In the years that followed, Ramy improved at every Olympic competition. This came to a head with Mr.. . Olympia 2017, where Big Ramy won 2. Took place.

At this competition, his promise seemed to come true. For the first time in ages, Phil Heath actually seemed threatened. With his massive size, Big Ramy seemed like a real chance to win alongside Phil Heath.

The competition was so tight that many fans believed Big Ramy was the rightful winner. Similar to 2007 mr. Olympia with Victor Martinez, the competition became controversial because he might have made the wrong call.

With Big Ramy so close to victory in 2017 and Phil Heath seeming to be fading slightly, fans were more excited than ever before the Mr.. . Olympia 2018. The anticipation was in full swing as the fans expected an even better Big Ramy. With his conditioning problem seemingly under control, victory was just around the corner.

This would not be the case in the end. In 2018, Big Ramy fell on a disappointing 6. Place at Mr.. . Olympia. His stamina was off and he seemed to fade as the competition progressed. The fans were so disappointed that Big Ramy apologized immediately after the event.

Shortly thereafter, Big Ramy left the Oxygen Gym and changed his entire training program. Under a new coach, Neil Yoda Hill, he wanted a fresh approach to Mr.. . Olympia.

Unfortunately, more bad news emerged when Big Ramy announced in 2019 that he was not in the Mr.. . Olympia. Original reports of injuries appeared to be the reason for his absence – although he initially declined those reports. After a lackluster performance in 2018, fans were disappointed that he had missed an entire year.

Of course, this story ultimately has a happy ending. It seems that his year off helped Big Ramy’s physique continue to improve. Ramy is still an incredible size and in a new condition – he towered over the competition at the Mr.. . Olympia 2020.

Brandon Curry, Hadi Choopan and especially Phil Heath had to fight him tooth and nail. Their efforts were inadequate to bring him down, and the judges crowned Big Ramy for victory of the night.

Pro bodybuilding is often a long and intense journey. Often times, it takes competitors much longer to reach their prime than typical sports for a variety of reasons. This also means that the average age of top athletes is much older than that of mainstream sports such as soccer or basketball.

Big Ramy’s perseverance and dedication to his craft show how slowly and steadily the race can win. He ruled out Phil Heath’s comeback attempt, defeating an improved returning champion Brandon Curry. A well-deserved win and one for the history books.

For the full Mr.. . Results of the 2020 Olympics – you can find our coverage here.

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World news – USA – Big Ramy is the new Mr. . Olympic 2020 champion
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