World News – USA – ‘Breakin’ Star Shabba-Doo Adolfo Quiñones dead at 65


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Adolfo « Shabba Doo » Quiñones, the famous breakdancer and star of the 1984 film « Breakin' », has died.

Shabba Doo’s family announced his sudden death in L.. A. Wednesday, just a day after posting a picture of himself in bed, he said he was feeling sluggish but had tested negative for COVID-19.

So far, no cause of death has been disclosed. Law enforcement sources report that a roommate found Shabba unconscious on Wednesday night and there were no signs of bad play.

His sister said goodbye on a heartfelt social media post saying: . . . « My heart is broken, we look alike and DANCE LIKE MY HEART WILL NEVER BE THE SAME THAT IT WILL DAMAGE! »

Shabba Doo became famous back in the 80s and became one of the most famous and legendary break dancers on the west coast. He became an instant heartbreaker and sex symbol after starring in « Breakin » and « Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo ». « 

In addition to working on the big screen, Shabba Doo has also choreographed and appeared in Lionel Richie’s music video « All Night Long »

Shabba Doo was born in Chicago before he made it big in the West. He was a member of Toni Basils legendary street dance crew The Lockers. Toni also wrote about his sudden death.

Shabba was married twice. His first marriage was to Gwendolyn Powell, and after they divorced in 1982, he married Lela Rochon. whom he divorced 5 years later.

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World News – USA – ‘Breakin’ Star Shabba-Doo Adolfo Quiñones dead at 65


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