World News – USA – BREAKING NEWS: Active shooter reported at a Tennessee Walmart


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Posted: 21:05 GMT, Jan.. December 2020 | Updated: 22:14 GMT, Jan.. December 2020

Three men are in custody after an « active shooter » situation was reported at a Walmart in Tennessee on Wednesday.

Police and ambulance services were called to the supermarket on Dolly Parton Parkway in Sevierville at around 3am. 30 p.m. after receiving reports from a gunman at large.

Dozens of shoppers have been taken out of the store, with some seeking shelter in a nearby Chick-Fil-A, local news channel WVLT reported.

Restaurant manager Cody Cummings said panic occurred after the men got into a fight that resulted in one of them pulling out a gun.

Customers were then informed over the loudspeaker that an armed man was moving through the store.

Sevierville Police Department has confirmed that three people have since been arrested after a shot was fired at the store, ABC6 reported.

A police spokesman said there was no threat to the community at this point and no casualties had been reported.

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World News – USA – BREAKING NEWS: Active shooter is reported at a Tennessee Walmart
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