World News – USA – Caddyshack Inspiration, Bill Murray’s brother Ed, dies


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The William Murray Golf on Instagram, linked to actor Bill Murray and his love of golf, released tonight to confirm that the Caddyshack star’s brother, Ed Murray III, has passed away. Though not an actor himself, Ed was the direct inspiration for Michael O’Keefe character Danny Noonan in the golf-oriented film that not only starred Bill, but Brian Doyle-Murray (who also played Lou Loomis appeared in) was co-written The film). Ed even receives « special credit » in the credits for the film and appears as an extra. The contribution begins: « With the heaviest of hearts we announce the death of the legend Ed Murray. « 

« Named after the family patriarch, it was Ed who introduced the Murray family to this wonderful game of golf at the age of 10 – through caddling at Indian Hills Country Club. (They don’t do them like that anymore. ) Ed was the recipient of the Evans Scholarship in 1963 when he attended Northwestern University – a golf caddy scholarship – a family story that inspired the Danny Noonan character in ‘Caddyshack’ when Brian Doyle-Murray did this co-wrote the iconic script.

It goes on: « Ed and all five Murray brothers are also members of the Caddy Hall of Fame – something all boys are proud of as that game has shaped their lives. It was all an honor for us to meet and spend the last half decade with Ed as we built this brand with the Murray family – and his loss is a hole that will never be filled. Thanks for always being so kind, Ed. Our hearts are with his lovely family. Rest in paradise, a true family man and a gentle, sweet soul. May we honor your memory from this day on. « 

As noted in the post, Ed and his five brothers were inducted into the 2015 Caddy Hall of Fame. In an interview with The Chicago Tribune, Ed noted that his favorite movie with his brother, Bill St. . Vincent and started working on the golf comedy with his brothers during his time.

« They invited me for a week when I was working for Dean Witter in Santa Maria to see the show and they gave me an extra so I got $ 37 to be an extra. « . I was usually in the background somewhere behind the scenes or on the driving range. But Harold Ramis, the director, said we need to give you a close-up and there is this one scene where this lady is hit by the club and is lying on the deck and I show my hand right behind her with a beer. « 

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World News – USA – Caddyshack inspiration, Bill Murray’s brother Ed, dies


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