World News – USA – Carrie Underwood talks to her 5 year old son about singing, family traditions and the silver lining of 2020


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Carrie Underwood has an unbeatable gift for fans this holiday season. After a “tough year”, the country star is spreading the much-needed Christmas joy with her new HBO Max special entitled My Gift: A Christmas Special by Carrie Underwood. « I feel like I’ve celebrated Christmas all year, and who wouldn’t be looking forward to a year like this? » Underwood tells parade. com in a new exclusive interview.

The Grammy Award winner kept the vacation spirit alive amid these unprecedented times when he sings Christmas music year round. « I feel like I’ve been in a place of hope and peace, » she says.

In September Underwood released their first full-length Christmas album, My Gift, which features a heartfelt duet with her 5-year-old son Isaiah Fisher. The American Idol alum brought the vacation album to life in the streamer’s music special. Before Dec. . 3 Premiere, Underwood shared with Parade. com show her pride in singing with her firstborn, her favorite Christmas traditions and the silver linings of 2020.

I feel like I’ve been singing Christmas carols all year round, so I feel like I’m in a place of hope and peace. We had our challenges like everyone else, but I’m so proud of all of us that we just managed to figure things out. If plans were derailed, we would say, “OK, now what? How can we just keep moving forward and keep creating?. « It’s been a tough year, but silver lining, I was home. We are healthy. My children are growing and we are spending a lot of time together right now.

I mean being with the family [husband and sons Isaiah and Jacob] was really great. I focused on the positives. I’ve been gardening a bit more and my husband says my cooking game has definitely been improved this year because we’re just so much more at home and I’m a homebody. I couldn’t imagine being stuck at home if it wasn’t for him, so I have no idea how that feels, but I enjoy being at home and just hanging out with my family.

I went in and started recording this song and I recorded it myself and when we got into it I said, “Okay, I have this crazy idea and it couldn’t work and he couldn’t even do it want to do it but what if he come in and sing with me? « And I think everyone thought, oh yeah, they can just sing along. And in my brain it was a real duet. So I think, « No, here’s my idea, just roll with me and it might not work at all and that’s fine but we can try » because he’s exactly who I think of when I play this song sing. His little face pops up in my head. So we brought him in and he just did a great job. And to have this moment with him and to share it with him . . . and I have that now forever. I have his little voice. It will be with me forever. I can listen to it whenever I want, and that’s a gift in itself.

Oh yes. I could tell in his head that he wasn’t thinking, « I could have done better, » but he was definitely analyzing his voice and that’s such a me thing because I listen to things and I take things apart. But he was just proud and said, « Wow, that’s really cool that I did that. « And his main concern or not his concern, but he was like, » People are going to have it on their phones? « And I said, » Yeah, people will have it on their phones. You can pull it up and listen whenever you want, ”and he thought that was really cool.

Well there are no expectations. I feel like my husband [Mike Fisher] and I both have careers in extraordinary ways, you know, we want him to be his own person for sure, but I would surely support him being musical and maybe not singing that. It could be playing something or it could be behind the scenes. But whatever his way, I think we will support him and just want him to give it our all.

I like to decorate with my eldest son Isaiah. He loves to help and he loves to make the tree. I brought some things out while he was in school and he came home and said, « You decorated without me » and I said, « I just got the stuff bigger and you wouldn’t be having any fun I’m doing anyway, because I haven’t decorated a tree. “But we like to do that. He loves helping me in the kitchen and making cookies. His great grandmother passed away not so long ago and we have her ginger cookies that she would always make and we have this recipe and we do that and we talk about her and things like that are really, really cute.

I think it’s always fun to be able to show him new Christmas movies that I would see as a kid, and as he gets older there will always be more to see. Of course we’re not going to show them [National Lampoon] Christmas holidays or anything like that at the moment, but I think it’s fun to watch Christmas movies and see your excitement. You can relive your childhood Christmas through your kids which is just really cool.

I’m not 100 percent sure how this will play out. We hope to travel but are not sure like everyone else. So we’re going to go one vacation at a time and just find out one more time and hope it gets better.

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Carrie Underwood, Christmas Day

World News – USA – Carrie Underwood talks to her 5-year-old son about singing, family traditions and the silver lining of 2020
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