World News – USA – Charles Koch: I « screwed it up »


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In his first interview in front of the camera in four years, Charles Koch told Axios on HBO that he « screwed up being partisan » instead of approaching his network’s political activities more impartially.

Why It Matters: Koch – chairman and CEO of Koch Industries, which Forbes yesterday named America’s largest privately owned company – has been the favorite face of the left in high-spending policies.

Koch, 85, told me at his Wichita home that he is disaffected with his political outcomes but is optimistic about what he thinks is a less divisive strategy.

The Mea Culpa began last week with the release of a new book called « Believing in People: Bottom-Up Solutions for a Top-Down World, » which Koch has written with Brian Hooks, who has been with for 20 years Cook works together. and is Chairman and CEO of Stand Together, founded by Koch as a philanthropic umbrella.

I asked Koch: In business life it would never have taken you so long to correct the course. So why the delay in the public square?

And yet the spending continues. Americans for Prosperity Action, the Koch Network’s super PAC, is pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into Georgia, where two Senate drains Jan. 5 determines the control of the U. . S.. . senate.

Koch said his « popularity contest was for one person: It should be popular with me because I have to believe in myself. « He said he didn’t apologize, » I don’t regret it very much. « 

Last night a key government agency gave the green light to the formal start of President-elect Joe Biden’s transition. The General Services Administration order calls for the release of more than $ 6 million, as well as the start of office space and information related to the pandemic and national security.

President Trump has told confidants that he wants to pardon his former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty in December 2017 of lying to the FBI about his Russian contacts. Two sources with direct knowledge of the discussions report Axios.

Behind the Scenes: Sources with direct knowledge of the discussions said Flynn will be part of a series of pardons Trump will be issuing until he leaves office.

The big picture: Despite the economic power of India and China, these countries have far fewer remote jobs than the US. S.. . or Europe. This is having an impact on the resilience of emerging markets to the pandemic.

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World News – USA – Charles Koch: I « screwed it up »
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