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A novelist who finds love for the man between the pages is surprisingly beautiful and made Christmas Ever After adorable.

Ali Stroker in a Christmas romance is one of the few positive things that make it onto the 2020 bingo card.

She and Daniel Di Tomasso, who looked like a hot Jesus to the artisan shtick who just broke hearts and had broken hearts on The Good Doctor Season 4, Episode 4, were sweet together.

And Lifetime’s record for breaking some barriers this holiday season continues. Ali Stroker is the first to make history as a disabled actress in this film.

And one of the nice things about it is that the film itself could have gone to anyone and didn’t have a specific handicapped storyline – the film was also conscientiously accessible all along.

If you are not disabled, and like me, you have not given careful thought to the fact that Izzi is a disabled woman. She’s a quirky, bubbly, cute lead role in the film, and she happened to be disabled.

But if you look at the little details with hindsight, it’s amazing how the film adapted to Izzi instead of forcing her to adapt to the world around her and record it in minute detail. If that makes sense.

In the moment, you get into the intimacy of Izzi and Matt’s time together, but as you think about it, you notice things like how many times Matt brings himself to Izzi’s level over time. There was seating so Matt could talk to Izzi at eye level instead of always looking down at her.

And while he kept things like doors open for her or held her hand and escorted her down a ramp, it was just little things he did as a perfect gentleman anyway.

The problems that almost occurred between them had nothing to do with their disability. She never wondered if it was a barrier for Matt to fall in love with her or to grapple with insecurities about it and all that other crap.

I can imagine how refreshing, calming, and good this felt for disabled viewers – how satisfying it is to have that kind of on-screen presentation with a story that is just like everyone else’s and not exclusively focused on disabilities.

And it’s a love story. Everyone wants to see themselves in one of these in one way or another.

And it’s a love story. Everyone wants to see themselves in one of these in one way or another.

It is wonderful that viewers who are not disabled can also watch films like this and, like a film, normalize the way they see real people and their existence. I hope it goes on.

Christmas Ever After was one of those films that had more balance in the main romantic section. Sometimes the films focus so much on the heroine, and beyond that, their counterpart is not as developed.

We have a lot of Matt’s perspective. He wrestled with things as much as Izzi, in some ways even more. In fact, I dare say it came out more in his favor, as after the film finished it felt like we knew more about him and his family than about Izzi.

Even so, Izzi was great and Ali Stroker has such an infectious, bright quality that lights up the screen. Izzi was a true romantic when it came to writing, but her love life was actually a little lackluster.

She was more comfortable with the romance between the pages of her books. There is something relatable and honest about it and about her.

Izzi felt safe with the limitations of her job, but it also meant that she was getting into trouble with her writing. How could she go on writing about Desmond and Catrina when Desmond fell into the same pattern of perfection?

Matt, who looked exactly like the hero on the cover of her novel, seemed so implausible, but the coincidence made up for it.

Matt’s late wife, Emily, was an artist who used him as inspiration, and she sold some of her work. It’s funny that, with Izzi’s wild success, not a single person in Matt’s life told him about Desmond. Surely someone he knew read these books or seen them somewhere.

It was best to make fun of him and he was the type who appreciated the jokes.

He and Izzi’s relationship eventually began with some antagonism, ripping, and joking. Their time together was endlessly amused and also inspired Izzi.

I also loved that Izzi had to help Matt Bowl realize that the hero and heroine of their story could have a more balanced relationship. Izzi’s heroine didn’t always have to be the woman in need.

If Catrina was like Izzi in any way, then a woman in need was far from it. It was also a reward that Izzi was the one showing Matt how to do something, not the other way around.

It was another conscientious attitude that differed from the normal attitude in the few cases of wheelchair users that appeared on television.

Not only did no one make a big deal out of it, Matt was receptive to help and they were having fun. It was a cute unofficial date and it also reminded me of how much I miss bowling.

But of all of Izzi and Matt’s rom-com moments, the funniest and cutest two were the ones trapped in her room as she wrote.

Matt looked like a bored little kid waiting for his mother to do her shopping when he waited for someone to pull her out of the room a few hours later.

In all honesty, it spoke for how much he was attracted to Izzi that he withdrew from the reception of the lodge, my poor chalet, to even change a doorknob in Izzi’s room.

They had a chance to talk a little and open up and intimate with each other. Matt learned a little about how and why Izzi wrote romance, and the scene ended too soon. I would have listened to Izzi talk about herself for ten minutes if it meant getting to know her better.

Although Jennifer was there, looking at Matt with hearty eyes and feeling him at every opportunity, her intentions as clear as a winter night, Izzi fell in love with him.

Find a person who looks at you the way Matt looks at Izzi. He nailed the loving, stolen looks (even if I still wish there was a little more heat between them).

They were so cute that everyone jumped on board, even Jennifer. Bob in particular was adorable. He assumed he was pushing Matt to look out for Jennifer, to see the sparks between Matt and his favorite guest Izzi, and to look for them too.

Bob wanted his son to be happy and find love again after losing his wife, and Matt and Kasey deserved it.

And Kasey also wanted her father to find love again. The connection between Kasey and Izzi was a personal favorite. I loved the way Izzi encouraged Kasey’s writing.

Kasey was a cute girl, and she and Bob really wanted the best for Matt and knew it was Izzi.

Without her encouragement, Matt would have considered his relationship with Izzi and what it meant. He couldn’t get over the bond they shared thanks to the work of his late wife that ended up in Izzi’s novels.

He didn’t know what it meant and there was some fear of leaving Emily, even though she had passed away three years ago.

But he told his father that since Emily had not felt anything for another woman until now. Izzi did things for him, and you can understand how hard it is to lose one person and develop feelings for another person.

Matt and Izzi had a perfect evening together drinking cocoa and walking and holding hands. They almost kissed too, but Matt still had a lot of training to do.

These films are not complete without a basic misunderstanding, and strangely enough, Izzi saw Matt and Jennifer laugh and hug and assumed the worst.

It didn’t matter that Jennifer looked at Matt for a while, and he never reciprocated those feelings. Izzi had seen the two of them before, but this time it struck her.

Frustratingly, she went so far as to write an ending that her couple hadn’t ended up in together, and she left before Christmas without saying goodbye.

It’s one thing if she somehow felt about Matt and didn’t know where she was, but it was shocking that she would do that to Kasey.

Fortunately, Mila persuaded her and Izzi returned. All it took was for Izzi and Matt to talk and share their honest feelings with each other, and everything was fine.

As we saw during graduation, they were happy together a year later, and they must have worked things out like moving house.

They could see Izzi move to Silver Lake because of her love for the little place. She doesn’t have to be in NYC to write and publish her novels.

I love that Izzi took Mila’s advice about what really were her own words, and she lay down there and took a chance.

And luckily, Matt wasn’t too discouraged with her bail. Izzi fits in perfectly with Matt’s family and she gets even more inspiration for her book series with her real Desmond right next to her.

I later found out they used Plexiglas for the kiss and you could tell that some tampering had occurred what kind of shit, but I continue to applaud the creativity, innovation and risk that has been taken to bring these stories to us.

What do you think of this one? Were you a fan of Izzi and Matt’s love story?

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It is one of life’s great mysteries. You never know exactly what will happen next.

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World news – USA – Christmas always: does this romance jump from the pages?


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