World News – USA – DPW Holdings (DPW) stock rockets at the launch of the EV Charger Network


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In the press release, DPW Holdings announced that its subsidiary Coolisys Technologies has set up a program for national and regional fast food franchises to install the EV chargers known as ACECool as part of a revenue share program.

In the press release, DPW said the program will be funded from its recent fundraising activities. Initially, the company will launch the program in California, Nevada and Canada to test the revenue sharing model and charging stations.

DPW went on to say that the new program will allow franchisees to install the ACECool EV chargers and participate in net sales from both advertising and use of the charging system. Additionally, the program is expected to be a stepping stone as the company builds on other strategic industry and geo-focused networks.

So far, Coolisys already has a national franchisee for fast food networks who is part of a network with more than 1. 000 locations. In addition, the company expects to announce new network partners in the first quarter of 2021.
In a statement, Amos Kohn, President and CEO of DPW subsidiary Coolisys, had the following to offer:

Opportunities for Coolisys in the emerging electric vehicle market are expected to drive our revenue growth over the next 60 months and beyond. We look forward to the possible changes arising from the increased demand for electric vehicles and recent trends related to government support for the electrification of transport. I believe we are well positioned to take advantage of these opportunities as a 50 year old company that has experience and is able to develop innovative and highly efficient power systems and solutions.

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The news published this morning by DPW turned out to be largely positive. Ultimately, the space for electric vehicles is expected to skyrocket. That’s why we recently saw growth in Ideanomics (NASDAQ: IDEX) and AYRO Inc (NASDAQ: AYRO). . The excitement surrounding the room has a lot to do with Joe Biden’s recent victory in the US presidential election.

In the past few years, Biden has shared his views on the environmental impact of fossil fuel burning. As such, his presidency is likely to result in tax breaks, grants, and increased demand for EV manufacturers, and thus charging stations that keep these vehicles on the road.

DPW and its subsidiary Coolisys are taking the right steps at the right time. The company is preparing the groundwork for a huge national network of charging stations that will generate two different sources of income. Not only do these stations offer billboard advertising, but they also generate revenue from consumers who charge their vehicles via charging stations while they eat.

All in all, this is the right move at the right time, and I expect the test of this program to be a hit. All in all, DPW is a stock to watch closely.

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World News – US – DPW Holdings (DPW) stock rockets at the launch of the EV Charger Network
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