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World News – USA – Fans believe 28-year-old Jessa Duggar is pregnant with her fourth child

. . Over a dozen duggars recently teamed up for a Christmas wreath party. A group photo shows some of the women, including Jessa, posing with a wreath in front of their stomach.

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Posted: 19:10 GMT, Jan.. December 2020 | Updated: 19:21 GMT, Jan.. December 2020

Over a dozen Duggar family women and girls got together for a Christmas wreath party recently, and some Instagram followers and redditors have focused on Jessa, 28.

Some have taken note of her posing for a picture with a wreath right in front of her stomach, wondering if it was the mother of three way of hiding a baby bump.

Bump Watch: Duggar fans speculate that Jessa Duggar may be pregnant with her four children after the family posted photos from a Christmas wreath party

Jessa’s sisters Jana and Joy Anna shared photos from the event on Instagram this week.

It was also attended by Matriarch Michelle; Sisters Johanna, Jennifer, Jordyn, and Josie; Sisters-in-law Anna, Kendra, Lauren, and Abbie; and the Duggar female grandchildren who live in Arkansas.

In a large group photo posted on both accounts, the women and girls pose along with the wreaths they made.

Commentators have noted that the large wreaths are very practical props for covering a pregnant belly.

While Lauren, Abbie, Anna and Joy Anna – who recently gave birth – all hid their stomachs in the photo, fans have been particularly focused on Jessa, whose last baby was born the longest.

Not hidden: But in some of the other photos from the event, Jessa doesn’t cover her stomach

Just live? Other angles show the entire front of her body, and while wearing loose fitting clothing, she is also already a mother of three

More announcements? It’s also been a year since Kendra (back, in red plaid) gave birth, while Abbie (far left) had a baby earlier in the year

Statistics: The women in the family tend to have many children in quick succession, so hidden bumps or not, there is always a healthy chance one is pregnant

And a third wrote: ‘Jessa is pregnant again because she hff [sic] like a wreath around her belly. ‘

On Reddit’s Duggar Snark page, one commenter wrote, « Statistically, at least one of them needs to be blown away, right? »

However, others have pointed out that Jessa is already a mother of three – and that she may be just a little extra heavy.

They also found that the rest of their body is visible in several other images of the event.

It was even suggested that she wasn’t pregnant, but instead put the speculation wreath there to get clickbait and increase her numbers. ‘

But while fans of the Duggars speculated on pregnancy secrets, other commentators criticized the family for having such a large, mask-less gathering in the hall amid a pandemic.

Hmmm. . . On Reddit’s Duggar Snark page, one commenter wrote, « Statistically, at least one of them needs to be blown away, right? »

One Redditor referred to it as a « superspreader » event while another pointed out that « that’s people from 8 households right there. ‘

‘I’m giving up on these people. Nobody cares about masking, social distancing or security, ”said another. « I have a baby a week younger than Joy’s, who my family hasn’t even met because our state’s cases are off the charts.  » . . . Must be nice to be so self-centered and be able to go on with life as usual. ‘

Other reviewers have expressed regret that Jill Duggar, who has become a black sheep of the family, was absent.

However, since the pictures were posted by Jana and Joy Anna, almost all critical comments regarding Jill’s expulsion have been deleted.

Exclaimed: Other commenters on Instagram and Reddit have criticized the group for gathering without masks in the middle of a deadly pandemic.

Beware of the wind: even though they were a bit apart when seated – this shot makes them appear more – they were close together to take pictures and make wreaths

No Rules for the Duggars: The family had some large indoor gatherings this year, including a baby shower for Joy and a Christmas party this week

« Very sad that you never include them, » wrote another – the meaning of which was clear without naming Jill.

« I hope it’s because Jill knows that unlike the others, a damn PANDEMIC is going on, » one Redditor wrote.

Jill has been banned from several family get-togethers in recent years because she and her husband Derick deviated from some of the teachings of Jim Bob and Michelle.

Jill had admitted that her family wasn’t always supportive and that there was some distance between them.

Where is your invitation? Other commentators have pointed out that Jill was apparently banned from the party (Jinger, who wasn’t there, lives in LA but Jill is a local)

Rude: Jill had admitted that her family didn’t always support her and that there was some distance between them.

Jessa’s youngest child with her husband Ben Seewald was born on 26. Born on May 25th, 2019 – and duggars don’t usually wait too long between pregnancies to start the next.

Jessa is one of 19 children born to parents who preached against birth control and who believe in leaving the size of their family to God.

While Jessa hasn’t said whether or not she will continue this tradition, besides one and a half she has a five year old named Spurgeon and a three year old named Henry. One-year-old Ivy – which will soon put her on the trail of another baby.

Meanwhile, Kendra has confirmed that she is currently pregnant and is expected in February. This is the third child for the 22 year old and her 25 year old husband Joe.

Jinger, 26, was the last to give birth to her second baby girl, Evangeline Jo, in November.

Joy, 22, gave birth to daughter Evelyn Mae in mid-August. She and husband Austin Forsyth, 26, also have a two-year-old son named Gideon.

Abbie (28) and John David Duggar (30) had their first child in January: a daughter named Grace Annette.

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Counting up, 19 children and counting, Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth, Jessa Seewald, Jill Duggar Dillard, John-David Duggar, Jim Bob Duggar

World news – USA – Fans think Jessa Duggar, 28, is pregnant with their fourth child
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